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cameranserai wrote:
Well, I guess I could post comparisons between my D70 with a macro lens and a P150, but it seems pointless to me. I can't compare apples with pears. But it is still worth considering that Canon refuse to admit the "Error 18" problemswith the Ixus, that the D70 is already on a software update, and that the Rebel had it's problems at the outset too. The D20 too perhaps? We'll see. I had the 5060 Olympus until it was stolen and it was a superb camera, not much different in price to the P150, but the quality was amazing, plus the facility for manual control and of course the wide angle lens. I replaced it with the P150 purely for size and convenience. If I wanted I would have bought another, but already having the D70 it wasn't worth it. Life is a trade off, which I guess is why the super compacts exist to fit in a handbag/shirt pocket. I doubt if any of them are perfect though, but I look at Steve's recommended cameras every time I need to replace. His testing is thorough to say the least and I place confidence in his judgement. Horses for courses.
Well, I shoud say this again. The test was done with these two cameras simply because these are the cameras I HAVE. I stated in the original post that it is perhaps not the best pair but IMO is better than nothing. Besides if you go to the imaging resource pages you can compare the W1 to IXUS 500 images side by side(apples to apples enough?) and you'll see that the W1 is still lacking detail compared to the IXUS. The point I was trying to make is not how bad the W1 is, because I don't think it is a bad camera overall. The point is that it can be improved if Sony put a small effort into reprogramming the firmware. This however will be done IMO only and only if enough people complain. Several letters to Sony and perhaps a phone call won't cut it. Sony is such a big company that sporadic efforts may even remain unnoticed
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And lo and behold the D20 already has a firmware update - lol
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Shoot, no pun intended, I just bought a W1. Havent recieved it yet, i didn't see all this hoopla about blurry / soft images until after i purchased it (from a discount dealer that will only exchange it for the same camera). I figured that $245 with free shipping for a 5.1 mp camera and 2.5" lcd was too good to be true. Though, I'm sure that this upgrade, from an Olympus D520 2.0mp will be a huge one anyway. We will see, I hate to say it, but if it isnt a big improvement over my olympus (which was very slow and has no features but takes fairly nice pictures when your not drunk) I'll have to sell it on Ebay to some unsuspecting buyer...I feel guilty saying that... and all this talk about a possible firmware upgrade, can they really do that? would we download some sort of upgrade program from sony? Also, whoever suggested complaining to ZEISS has a good idea. My father has worked for Zeiss for over 25 years and I know that they are very conscious of their very reputable brand name. Zeiss = quality optics. Anyway, this whole thread is discouraging but we will have to wait a few more days to find out for sure.:?:
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