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i have the p72 and im thinkin of buyin a larger memory stick (probably 512mb or so) . i also have the sony network walkman NM - S70D , which only uses the duo media .

my question is that can i use the duo media wid my digicam(p72) ?? and if yes will there be any decrease in the speed of the camera (ritin speed ,etc)

ii got the sony 2100 mah batteries wid the camera ....

my question is does NiMH batteires require refreshing ??

coz i thought only nacd batteries require that , but these new sony chargers come wid refresh option andcome wid4 nimh batteries rated at 2300mah. if required will the refreshin aid longer life of the batt.

i also wanted to know that sony calls em fast chargers ( they take around bout 4.5hrs for chargin 4 batt of 2300mah ) so will i be able to use the old sony 2100mah batteries wid em ?

any idea how long does the sonys old charger (BC - CS2B) takes to charge 2 batteries ?
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The DUO stick with an adapter will work just as well as the original memory stick in the P72 camera. The 512MB is a PRO DUO, I know the P72 will work with it, but you have to make sure your walkman will accept PRO sticks, if not, the maximum memory you can get would be the 128MB DUO.

About the NIMH batteries, yes it is a good idea to "refresh" them occasionally. NIMH batteries do have some "memory" although no where near as much as NICD.

Yes, you can use your 2100mah batteries with the charger that comes with the 2300's. Most newer battery chargers are "peak" chargers which sence the capacity of the cell and cuts off the charge when full capacity is reached.

I have the BC-CS2B and it takes about 6 hours to fully charge a pair of 2100mah batteries.
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