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Manolito_Mystiq Feb 4, 2005 3:52 PM

So I've seen many stories here about either P72 up to P150 and the W1.

I know it has a Carl Zeiss lens and a bigger LCD with 134400 pixels, and is 'ultra compact', compared to the Sony lens, 1,5 inch LCD with 67000 pixels (P93A), 'compact' approach.

But is this CZ lens really that much better?

What about the flash?

And the weight? Is it more comfortable because of the more weight? (I've read many tend to have problems with the P series of 'blurry pics' because of the very light weight.


The focus?

I got my P93A for about a week, and I can try it for 14 days. I got it for €230,- as a sale. The W1 is about 300,- +

rjseeney Feb 4, 2005 5:28 PM

Both are very good cameras. The W1 is more advanced with better manual controls. The P93 is more of a point and shoot camera, although it too offers manual controls. Both offer the optional wide angle and telephoto lenses toenhance focal length. I have the P93 and use it as a backup, more pocketable camera when I don't want to carry around my V3 or my Nikon n80 film camera. Even my 9 year old daughter gets sharp pics with the P93. Unless you need (or eventually want)the more advanced controls, the P93 is a great value and will serve you well.

Manolito_Mystiq Feb 6, 2005 10:09 AM

Ok, so today I went to the dealer I bought the P93 (but got the P93A). I first told about that LCD conspiracy thingy. Although they understood the problem, they wouldn't give me a refund or something like that, unfortunately. And actually, I'm fine with the LCD, it's just that I paid for the original, that it doesn't feel right.

So I went to ask what other good camera in the likes of the P93 there is.

The W1, like you (plural) mentioned indeed is a good alternative, though it's about 120 bucks more expensive, considering I bought the )93 for 70 cheaper, as it was a sale (€230,-).

They also demonstrated the V1, but that piece is a bit too pricey (450 +). The W1 is €350,-.

Oh and I also saw the F88 (the one with the twisting lens vertically) for 300,-.

I see it also has a Carl Zeiss lens, just like the W1, don't know about the flash.

But the twisting thing seems interesting for making pictures easier, but is it as good as the P93?

CyberShotNut Feb 6, 2005 11:21 AM

The F88 is not the camera you want if you do alot of indoor shooting. The aperture is smaller than most of the other Sony cameras (f3.5) so you need more light to compensate for that. Also, the flash range is only 4.9 feet. As long as you can deal with the LCD I would just keep the P93A.

Manolito_Mystiq Feb 6, 2005 11:25 AM

Hey, I see the W12 (so black, with 2 extra batteries and leather bag) for €300,-.

Hmm, now I'm doubting again, still thanks for the support.

CyberShotNut Feb 6, 2005 11:53 AM

The W1/12 is a good camera. There's a little more of a redeye problem with it than the P93 though because the flash is placed directly above the lens. Aside from that it starts up much faster than the P93 and the display is nice although it's not the highest resolution. Decisions, decisions.:?

Manolito_Mystiq Feb 6, 2005 12:20 PM

Does the Carl Zeiss lens make the picture sharpness that much better? I looked through some sample pics of this site (the one with the building and flags), and I could make one comparison. the W1 does look a bit sharper (reading the small signs):


CyberShotNut Feb 6, 2005 1:56 PM

The Zeiss lens is slightly sharper than the Sony lens, although hardly noticable. You will get slightlybetter indoor shots with the P93 and slightly better outdoor shots with the W1.

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