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Supr7 Feb 9, 2005 4:23 PM

:(My camera must be programmed! In the month after the 90 day labor warranty period expired, the little P150 beast has broken three times. This is costing me a bunch of dough. First, large black spots started appearing randomly on the picture (visible on the LCD). Soon they were on every picture. Cost= $95 bucks at the authorized service station, which claimed to have replace the lens assembly. Within two week s of getting it back, the black spots started re-appearing. Next, the lens wouldn't retract after I started it up one day. It would bump back and forth a bit, but stay out. It's back at the service place. I'm afraid to take this camera anywhere, lest it break again. Nowhere in the literature does it explicitly say that it has a 90 day labor warrenty. I'd have bought something else, or at least the extended warranty Circuit City was pushing. The camera is a nice size, which was the main reason I bought it, but otherwise isn't especially great in terms of picture quality. The LCD is truly awful. I suspect its my last Sony. I wish I'd bought the Canon now. Buyer beware, or get the extended warranty. At least carefully consider how you'll go about getting it fixed without paying a bundle.

CyberShotNut Feb 9, 2005 4:39 PM

If you are in the Unites States, all the newer Sony cameras now have a 1 year parts and labor warranty which includes the P150. I have heard alot of complaints about the Sony repair center and their (lack of) quality repair work.

If I were you I would demand a brand new camera from them!

kski Feb 10, 2005 3:01 AM

I concur! Definitely demand a brand new camera! It was my understanding too that in Canada and the U.S.A. they are covered for 1 year parts and labor. You should check this out. Is it Circuit City that told you it's only 90 days labor?

Too bad you're having trouble with a Sony, but if you look on the Canon forums their cameras fare worse. The Canon lenses are notorious for getting stuck.

I'd call Sony and give them a peice of my mind though about the terrible repair and the cost.

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