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tiggyrn Feb 9, 2005 9:20 PM

I am Sherry, mommy of 2 very active kids. I got the W1 at Christmas and have been pretty happy with it. I have noticed that I get a lot more blurry pictures with this than with the Kodak I had before. I had always set the Kodak in "Action" mode. The W1 doesn't appear to have an "action" mode. I have recently started setting the camera in P instead of Auto with an ISO 400 and in MAF instead of SAF. It seems to be a bit better about the blurry. I know that ISO400 can introduce more noise. I have PaintShop Pro 9 noise remover to take that out. Do you have any other suggestions for settings to help with less blurry pics?


CyberShotNut Feb 9, 2005 10:08 PM

Try the camera in "M" mode with the aperture at f2.8 and the shutter speed at 1/100th of a second.(says 100 on the screen)

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