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I would like to have a compact camera to carry all the time. The XT is great but with kids its nice to always have a small, fast camera on hand.

My sony P-52 recently broke so I'm looking for another compact sony. Like the P-200 but spent most of my $ on the XT. Any thoughts on the P-93? Does it have the oversaturated red problem? What about red-eye?
Should I save up and go for the p-200?

Any other suggustion? p.s. Don't care about video
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I bought a P200 recently to supplement our Digital Rebel (300D) and the Sony has worked just fine in this role. Especially when considering its price is now in the $300-$350 range. IMO, nothing else out there right now beats it for price verses performance. I haven't noticed a big problem with red-eye either. I'm sure there are other brands that can serve your needs. Just do plenty of research and choose wisely.
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It all depends on how much you're willing to spend. The P93 is a great camera for the price. Battery life is good, image quality is excellent and Sony has toned down the color saturation in their newer models.

You can find a P93 fairly cheap now that it has just been discontinued.

Addition: Red-eye is excellent with the P93 since the flash is a good distance from the lens...
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Thanks so much for the replys. Maybe I'll go for the P-93 and save the extra $ for a new lens for the XT. This would also be a more suitable camera for my 9 year old to use at times.
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