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LSH Apr 12, 2005 10:29 AM

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Please help - I had a friend that owned a F717 (took beautiful pictures indoors without flash) and that's what I based my decision on buying the F828. I use the camera basically to take photos at Gymnastic meets - whereNO flash is allowed. I primarily take candid shots not alot of action shots, but every picture that I take indoors is blurry and very distorted and the camera seems to be exposing at 1/8 continuously - even in automatic mode. Did I make a $800 mistake? According to Sonyrepair center - since I am not a professional photographer that I just am not using the camera correctly and it works fine for them but everything I have tried hasn't worked. Any suggestions???

slipe Apr 12, 2005 10:58 AM

1/8 second isn't fast enough to handhold in most situations. That becomes worse if you zoom. The standard rule is that you want the reciprocal of the focal length for shutter speed handholding with good technique. So at 28mm wide you need about 1/30 second and at full zoom you need about 1/200 second. You could put the camera on a tripod, but that won't help for subject movement.

About the only thing you can do is boost the ISO if you can't use a tripod. You will get noisier shots, but you can take most of that out with the free version of Neat Image. Higher ISO will give you faster shutter speeds. The 828 goes to ISO 800, but the shots are quite noisy. Even then you will have problems with zoom. In auto or program the camera has the lens all the way open, so messing with any other manual settings isn't going to give you a faster shutter speed with decent exposure.

Stabilization helps quite a bit if you aren't shooting action. But even with a stabilized lens you aren't going to get shots zoomed out at 1/8 second. I have seen quite a few decent indoor shots at ISO 200 from stabilized Panasonic FZs – they keep f2.8 all the way in the zoom. About the only thing that would work well would be a DSLR with a fast stabilized lens.

LSH Apr 12, 2005 5:18 PM

Slipe - thank you for responding. I have tried to bump the ISO but it still remains on 1/8. My friends F717 when on automatic mode would produce pictures about 1/30 - 1/125depending on the lighting (I guess Igot spoiled using my friends F717 in which itisbasically a point and shoot) for candids, etc.- and I thought the F828 would be very similar in operation. Even when I bump the ISO to 800 the best I can get is about 1/30 - 1/50.

This particular camera seems to like to expose pictures at 1/8 - which it does about 90% of the time with no flash even up to ISO 400. What am I doing wrong - I have talked with customer service approximately 20X now and spent numerous hours on the phone with them. I would appreciate any advise that you have.

Thank you again!

thatsanicepicture2 Apr 12, 2005 10:18 PM

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In the Pepsi/Mountain Dew pic... You moved. Period.

I've used aF717 for volleyball pics and it's hard to get no movement
indoors. Some places were a lot better then others.
You haveto have light. But i never shot without a tripod or monopod
and i use the Remote switch from Sony to keep me from jerking it like
your pic above. I hardly ever use "AUTO" and don't think of the camer as
a pont and shoot. You can go to manual and realy help yourself there. I took
alot of dark pics with a faster shutter and then hit the gamma on it back home
on my computer. I share all my pics with other team families so i "Fixed"
a lot of pics. They wouldn't win any prizes but all parents are glad to get
a picture of their kid hovering in the air even if the arm is blurred.

Here's a pic. This is "As-is-out-of-the-camera" but cropped and
exported [email protected]% to speed up the load and view time.

As you can see it isn't to bad and this gym was better then most
but her arm is gone half way from her elbow.
I had to color balance it a little and printed it out 8x10.
Mom and Dad loved it.

But with all that said I'd still love to go to Canon XT or 20D dSLR
Bigger chip = more light and more control


PS: Buy a cheap monopod.
It'll be the best thirty or forty bucks you ever spent.

slipe Apr 12, 2005 11:12 PM

You should be getting about the same speed at the same zoom range as the 717. The 717 is f2 and goes to f2.4 at 5X and the 828 starts at f2 and goes to f2.8 at 7X. It is the same at wide and should be very close up to 5X.

I don't understand why you think the 717 is P&S and the 828 isn't. They have about the same manual controls and they should be the same in program or auto. Get together with your friend and shoot the same scenes from the same place. If the shutter speeds are different there might be something set wrong on your camera – like the EV might be boosted or something. There isn't any reason for a difference between them.

LSH Apr 13, 2005 7:32 AM

Slipe & thatsanicepicture2 - I didn't mean it to sound like the F717 was a totally a P&S - sorry should have worded that better. It's just that when I have used his camera it took beautiful pictures without me having to worry about set the iso, etc. Sorry again for the confusion. I thought this camera would be very similar in that sense.

Slipe - I have taken the F717 and mine and compared the settings and had them set exactly the same at least I thought they were. I even took pictures with both camera at the same subject at the same distance and the difference was unbelieveable. The F717 took a much clearer crisper picture that the F828. I even took the camera to a professional photographer and he couldn't figure it out either. I wish I could show you more candids but I don't know how to get the picture size reduced enough to post.

I will admit the camera with flash on take unbelievably beautiful pictures that far exceed the F717. I'm just having problems with the no flash issue.

Thank you again for the responses and any other additional information that might help.

Meryl Arbing Apr 13, 2005 12:53 PM

One thing that you can try with the rotating body cameras like the 828 is to hold the camera at waist-level (close to stomach) and look down at the LCD. Your left hand cradles the lens and your right hand holds the body (rotating the LCD for the best view). The lens is still pointed towards the action and you rotate your body when you pan with the action...a much smoother movement...with your arms braced against your body, the camera is in a much more stable position and less likely to suffer from shaky hands.

By far the absolute WORST position to shoot with is to hold the camera out in front of your face; looking at the LCD. It is the most unstable and shaky shooting style you can use. Your arms aren't braced; the camera is floating out in mid air and you are moving your head (and body) back and forth to get a decent look at the LCD.

thatsanicepicture2 Apr 13, 2005 1:03 PM


I wish I could show you more candids but I don't know how to get the picture size reduced enough to post.

I have never used the Pixela software that came with my F717. I use Coral Photo
Paint that is likePS. Did yours come with Pixela? There must be a way to reduce
in that.I'll bet there is a bunch of guys and gals here that already. Look into
Photoshop Elementsfor starters. Cheap and good. The right software can mean
the difference for loving or hating our camera. BTW... I takemost ofmy candid
shots with a small P&S Minolta 400. The big 717 isn't very candid.

Going to manual isn't that bad because you see the result on the screen
before you shoot. Give it a shot.


LSH Apr 13, 2005 1:32 PM

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Here are some same pics:

Exposure Time: 1/8 Sec

F-Stop: f/2.50

Max Aperature: f/2.00

Iso Speed: 100

Focal: 29.33 mm

Metering: Pattern

ExifVersion: 0220

LSH Apr 13, 2005 1:33 PM

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Here's another:

Exposure Time: 1/25 Sec

F-Stop: f/2.80

Max Aperature: f/2.00

Iso Speed: 800

Focal: 51.00 mm

Metering: Pattern

ExifVersion: 0220

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