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I bought it with a 'defect?-get-a-credit-note' guarantee and a 'defect?-get-the-same-one-without-charges-and-hardly-having-to-wait-for-repairs-as-there-are-none' guarantee.

The scroller thing seems a bit defect. When I want to go from Auto mode to viewmode/preview mode, it goes back and forth to other modes (mostly back to auto, back to preview, auto, et cetera). I think it's just a bit worn out, this will be with every Sony camera in time?

So I can bring it back and get a new one, but the problem is, the W-12 isn't being sold anymore by that store (those who want to know, it's pixmania.com). I could use that other guarantee, though and get a W-15 (W-5) or W-7, P-200, OR EVEN THE V-3 (with having to pay extra, of course).

From what I've read, heard, and seen, the W-5 is quite like the W-1. Slightly lower resolution LCD (but richer in colour and more clear), same flashplacement (but sliiiighty less red-eye problem?), altered housing. I do like the W-1 model's look better, though, but I know, it's not about looks.

With the P-200 I will have more MP, for about the same price, a whole lot less red-eye problems, no penlites, but accu, 'the cast shadow thingy, because of an off axis flash', MANUAL white balance (a sure plus).

And the V-3 Will cost some more, but well, I think I'll have both worlds. Does it have manual balance, though? I can't remember actually. But the red-eye isn't so much of a problem as with the W-1 is it? More than the P-200, probably.
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