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Price aside, I'm trying to decide on one of these cameras; W7, T7, P200

The W7 is a bigger size, and that is alright in some ways; custom controls are physical and not in the software, takes AAs, and easy to fit the wide angle lens.

The P200 has the same 7.2 megapixel, is more compact.

And now with the T7 available, the large 2.5 screen and decent 5.1 megapixel its in the running too. A bit slower lens, and no tripod thread

And ideas? And a couple questions...

At the Sony Style site I compared the 3, how do you read the 'Imager' size? Is 1/1.8" bigger than the T7 1/2.5"? And although both the T7 and W7 have 2.5" screens the T7 shows 230k pixel, does that make it better than the W7 115k pixel? And how does that compare to the 2" P200 134k?

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Old May 2, 2005, 2:55 AM   #2
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The W7 and P200 are very similar in features and photo quality. I'd stay away from the T7 because like all the other "T" models so far, the flash is weak and the CCD is smaller causing noisy/grainy pictures in low light. The only advantage to the T7 is its excellent LCD screen.(Same screen as the T33)

See if you can go to a local store and take a look at them before you make your decision.
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Need something that has no retractable lens mount, T7, but only 5mp. Smaller sensor. No manual mode.

P200 is more experienced user refined and is for professional changes and reliable settings in a small compact. Full fledge of backup scene modes. No underwater housing.

So the W7 is the camera for 2AA usersand packssome scene modes.Such missing is high speed shutter modewith AE exposure/shutter priority outside only use.You can invest 2AA use them in TV remotes or other portable games. Plus the 32MB internal memory is emergency.

All the same lens, flash, except the W7, but the internal color controller inside may be different in all of them.

If you want every thing, handling, eyesight aside for the lcd, the P200 is theleader in featuresin sony compacts.

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Well, stopped into a computer-digital store today to make a hands-on comparison with the idea I'd walk out with one, and spent a good amount of time with these cameras and a few others.

The results... ? I'm still without a new camera, and thinking. The T7 was on my list because its the 'newest', very small form factor, and 'cool', but its very hard to hold with two hands and almost impossible with one. The screen on the right side without out a grip area makes your thumb on the right side of the screen its logical place to rest. The biggest plus this camera has is the screen itself, very detailed and 'smooth', if it wasn't so nice to look at it would make the W7 a better camera.

What I mean by that is... The W7 has a nice easy to hold feel ( I wouldn't say its a 'stylish' camera though ), and feature set. The screen has improved from the W1 and looks much better, but compared to the T7 it makes you realize Sony could have made a better camera by using the new 2.5" screen of the T7. With the big screen being compromised, the camera just doesn't 'sit' well with me.

The P200, wasn't in the couple stores I visited for direct comparison today, although I have had it in my hands. More compact than the W7 and not to bad to hold it my be the best of the 3 with its improved 2" screen. Just wish I could select the aperture in manual mode. There was a nice looking black P150 at a discount and I'm thinking it may be a way to go and save some money till my ideal camera comes along.

One camera other than these I liked was the new Canon SD500. It felt the best in my hand of any and was the first Canon I've seen that had response time that made it a camera I could work with. A very solid feel and I wish the SONY cameras were like this. The lack of manual setting and 'purple fringing' issues are the 2 'problems' that I would have to compromise on if this is the camera for me.

And I guess that's the way it is still, compact cameras at this time are still a compromise. They are getting better, and it seems to be almost there, but no one has put it all together yet in my ideal package.

I'm still looking/thinking, going to have to get a new camera soon, so please any help, thoughts, or experiences will be appreciated
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