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Sony H1 without zoom function during movie mode? Cool!

Sorry, I meant - sad! :sad:

Really, really sad!!

This is a deal breaker for me. Bad, bad Sony! :evil:

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Those who perpetuate the story that the Zeiss lenses on Sony cameras are not 100% Zeiss (just as they are on Contax, Hasselblad, Alpa, Rollei, etc) need only visit the Zeiss website to see that it is NOT simply a matter of Zeiss allowing their name (and reputation) to be slapped on to any old hunk of glass that a camera manufacturer happens to have laying around.

Premium product manufacturers don't compete on price...they compete on their reputation for quality and that justifies the premuim price. To put that reputation on the line for a single deal would be poor business.

So, it is MORE than just Sony paying for the licence to use the Zeiss name on Sony lenses! That doesn't happen. Even though you can't see it, EVERY Zeiss lens on a Sony camera (still or video) has a Zeiss serial number and every lens has been through the full 100%, zero defect tolerance Zeiss quality control process. The lenses are 'assembled' in Japan (to be close to the Zony camera assembly factory) but the technicians are from Zeiss, the equipment is from Zeiss and even the glass used is shipped from the Schott works in germany (just as all the other Zeiss lenses).

If a lens doesn't say Zeiss, that doesn't mean that it didn't pass a QC check and was installed anyway as a Sony' lens...Zeiss lenses that don't pass QC are destroyed! That happens before it is shipped to Sony for final assembly.

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Old Jun 22, 2005, 7:10 PM   #13
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Well unfortunately you are wrong.

What you state is only correct when applied to the T* lenses, the non T* are manufactured by different companies.

Look at the lens on the V1 and V3 and the one on the Casio Z700/750 as an example, and please do not come back with the usual "they look similar or they are a copy" if they were a copy someone would be sued.

For your info last year Panasonic made more camera lenses than anyone else, but how many Pana branded lenses do you see on cameras other than their own ?

Do you think that Sony should put the Canon brand on the H1 lens to make it easier for everyone to see what is going on ?
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In his conclusions in the S2 review Steve seemed to think it was a close choice between the S2 and H1. He didn't mention the FZ20 in the running for whatever reason.

One thing I use very often on my FZ10 is the great burst mode. The S2 has similar capabilities but the H1 falls short if I am reading right. I think I would prefer the S2 just to keep the burst capability.

Both the H1 and S2 have much better control setups than the FZs. You have to go to the menu for everything using the FZs. There just aren't enough physical controls. I've used a friend's FZ20 often and the flash range is great. But you still can't see a darned thing in the viewfinder or LCD in a darkened room with an external flash attached without going through a stupid dance of framing in auto and then switching to AP or manual - hoping the person is still smiling.

Steve complained about having to manually extend the S2 flash. I think he complained about some of the FZs as well. It is a feature I really like if it is implemented right. With the FZ you still have to go to the menu to turn it on or change flash modes. I would like for the flash to just come on when you extend it with a button hot to cycle through the other flash modes if you don't want straight flash. Hopefully the S2 is set up better than the FZs. In any case I like knowing the flash isn't going to fire if it isn't raised. One less thing to check.

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