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Frangible Jun 28, 2005 9:59 AM

One thing I liked about my Olympus Stylus 410 is that the night shot mode in it allowed it to capture an image for up to 4 seconds, so even with low ambient lighting, ie moonlight, you could still take a usable image provided you rested the camera and used the timer or the remote.

Unfortunately, it seems that the DSC-T7's maximum shutter speed, even in night mode, is 2 seconds.

It seems the missing two seconds make all the difference in the world. Here's the DSC-T7's capture of something that would've turned out noisy, but with full color, on the Olympus:

Oddly, the detail was still there, but it was a dark, noisy mess. This is the best I could do with it:

It was actually quite bright to the eye... that's my small backyard illuminated by a 75 watt equivalent flourescent bulb.

CyberShotNut Jun 28, 2005 11:04 PM

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As far as I'm concerned all of sony "T" (Terrible) models have been poor. As you can see by the pic below, in night mode there are three things that kill any night photography with the T7; 1. The widest aperture being f3.5. 2. ISO being locked at 64 in night mode. 3. Shutter speed 2 sec. max.

Yeah, theT7 is small and "cool looking", but if you want to get decent pictures do yourself a favor and take the P200 or W7 into consideration even though they are slightly bigger. You'll also save yourself some money.

Frangible Jun 29, 2005 1:06 AM

Eh, I don't think that necessarily makes the entire camera terrible. I've had mine for maybe a week and have a gotten a lot of good pictures with it that never would have been taken otherwise because I would not have had a camera with me.

True, its quality is not up to par with a P200 or W7 as you state. But I think it serves a different purpose; just like a handgun is never as good of a weapon as a rifle, it makes sacrifices for portability. Or a desktop and a notebook, if you prefer that analogy.

My previous camera (Olympus 410) was about as big as a P200 and got left at home due to the bulk... it really didn't take any better pictures than the T7 in most situations.

So yeah, comparing image per image with the W7, the W7 always takes a better picture, but I don't think the T7's is too bad and it takes a better picture in circumstances where another picture never would have been taken.

Just my opinion.

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