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Hi all,

Today I went to the store to try the H1 and the Panasonic FZ5 since I am surely going to buy one of these.

I really liked the FZ5, fast autofocus, sharp pictures, light and a real toy to play with. However, do hate proprietary batteries. Sony is nice, better ergonomics, nice features, AA bateries... but something did not work in the store.

I tried to take a picture at 12x zoom of a book that was about 5m from me. When viewing the pic on the LCD and zoming in, I could clearly see blur letters, as if the image stabilization hadnt done his job. FZ5 had no problem with this, nice and sharp pics.

It may be that I did something wrong like:
1. Not waiting long enough for the autofocus, although I tried twice.
2. Not activating the stabilization. I did press the IS button on top, but nothing happened, at least nothign appeared on the screen...

Then, I went outdoors and I took a pic at 12x zoom of a church that was at about 50m. In this situaion none of the cameras had any issue.

In all fairness, this is my oone and only problem with the H1, if it wasnt for that, I would buy it. I did not even consider the Fuji S5100 because of this issue, but of course, the fuji has no Image Stabilization.
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By default the H1's Steadyshot function is in the 'Shooting' mode. This means that Steadyshot isn't activated until you half-press the shutter. This is to conserve battery power. It is possible to set it to continuous mode but...that uses more battery.

Also, shooting inside might have resulted in a slow shutter speed. Image stabilization can do a good job of helping you with handheld shots but it can't do miracles. If the shutter speed is slow enough...image stabilization won't be able to compensate.

As you saw, when there was enough light, IS performed as expected.
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Thanks Meryl. That was really helpful.
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