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I'm just about to go out and buy a Sony H1. Most of what I've read says it's a great little cam for the price.

Then I read reviews which say that the Canon is better, or the Panasonic is the one.

I'd just love some input quickly because I'm going out shopping for it today.

Thanks, I really, really appreciate this site, Steve and any suggestions everyone can make for me.

best regards


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Pato, the H1 is a good camera. The S2 is a bit more expensive, but has a few features the H1 doesn't (in particular, the options in video mode). The S2 has a swivel dispaly, but the H1's display is much larger. One thing I enjoy is the S2's 2.4 fps burst mode, which outdoes the H1.

But, it really boils down to what features you want. The H1 will give you great images just the same.

The Panasonic (I'll assume you mean FZ20?) has some good benefits (such as least amount of purple fringing, smallest Fstop at full zoom) over the other two. But, it also has some unusual drawbacks for a modern day camera, such as the LCD doesn't gain up during low light...

I'm not going to sit here and tell you which is better, because it's personal preference. When I chose my camera, I decided to go with the S2. But, H1 and FZ20 users will tell you their camera's are great, too!

Try not to get too caught up inthe reviews(though they are important)and just focus on your needs.
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Old Nov 26, 2005, 9:14 PM   #3
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Thank you SO much for a quick reply and all the info. Ya, I had narrowed it down to the S2 and the H1.

I decided against the Panasonic for some silly esthetic reasons.

I actually went out this afternoon and bought the Sony. I'm having tons of fun with it so far. What I hadn't mentioned is that I already have the little Sony W5. So, much of the interfacing and the arrangement of controls is the same.

What the little guy lacks is (for my liking, anyway) is that nice long glass on the H1.

For yourself, or anyone else interested, . . . I also have a Konica Minolta A1. I liked the camera at first but found it a bit clumsy and wasn't in love with the interface. I DO love all of that about the Sonys. As I said, I liked the A1 at first but became bored with the 7x optical zoom. See, my very first digicam was an Oly C2100 UZ. I adored the long glass. But we all move on and I was ready to go up to 5 megapixels.

I believe I'll stop there for a while.


Once again, thanks very much for your input.


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