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I was never a Canon fan until last year when, based on some awesome reviews, I decided to buy an A610. I must say I was not disappointed for the most part, except for indoor shots with flash (blurred results most of the time). It came time to buy a camera with a more powerful zoom so I started my research all over again. The S2 IS topped my list (shutter speed up to 3200, good image stabilizer, excellent response, no shutter lag, excellent movie capabilities etc.). I then checked the Canon forum hoping that what S2 owners had to say would re-enforce my decision to buy the S2. But, results were the exact opposite and my concerns about the S2 started to grow. I came across lots of unhappy S2 owners trying their best to justify their choice towards the S2's. Too many people reporting problems w/ focus, soft images, etc., so I switched gears and started look for something else. That's when I came across the Sony DSC-H1. At first, I was not considering it at all because of the recording media (memory stick vs. SD). Since I already have lots of SD cards, spending money on MS was not something I wanted to do. But then, I checked this forum and started reading what people have to say about their H1. I was amazed by how positive the topics are here. For the most part, instead of complaints about the camera (as I often read in the Canon forum), most people love their H1. So, I started paying more and more attention to the H1, checking out reviews and other Sony forums (dpreview.com in particular) and I must say they really impressed me. The H1 photo galleries I had the opportunity to browse have some gorgeous pictures produced by this camera. The colors are well saturated, the images are crisp and sharp virtually eliminating the need for post processing (as suggested by many S2 lovers to resolve the S2 soft image issue). Granted, the S2 has a much better video capability and the ability to use the zoom while in movie mode is a feature difficult to ignore. Then I thought, do I want to buy a picture or video camera? What is my primary purpose, to take pictures or record 30 sec video clips? The answer, of course, was... to take pictures. Therefore, the movie limitations of the H1 should not be a problem and I went ahead and bought myself an H1, which hasn't arrived yet but I can't wait to get my hands on it. I will post a follow-up topic with some photos as soon as I have the chance to take them. In the meantime, I'd like to thank all of you for posting your comments, articles and for sharing your H1 photos, which greatly influenced my decision.
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I'm sure you will love, I still think it's an excellent camera after using it about 7 months now.
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I went through the same dilemma as you

in trying to decide between the S2 and the H1

as I had used Canon SLR's for over 25 yrs so I knew Canon quality but I decided on the H1

because of a few factors but the one thing I never read about the H1 that I found out was the Sony DSC H1 is a fun camera to use!!!!!

What turned me against the Canon was there were too many buttons on the back. I know the S2 is a great camera but the H1 is the most enjoyable camera I have ever used and I don't have to lug all those extra lenses around.

You will love the H1. As far as problems I decided that all digital cameras will have problems because of the electronics.

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Faced the same decision a couple weeks ago. The Canon has all the technical bases covered even down to the loose fitting lens cap so it will pop off when you turn on the camera and the lens extends.

I bought the H1 ... why? Well, it's a Sony. When you turn on the H1 the lens extends the same as the Canon BUT there's a switch in the lens barrel that prevents the lens from extending and the viewfinder or LCD says "lens cap attached". That's the way Sony does everything. They do include the filter adapter and lens hood but no memory stick but the camera has memory built in.

I've been a Sony fan from the transistor radio days. Sony's attention to detail is remarkable. Their stuff is simply USABLE. The H1 felt right in my hands. I like the larger LCD. I like that it runs a long time on 2 AA batteries. Gotta use memory sticks but what the hell, Sony ain't going anywhere so memory down the road is not a problem.

As far as reliability, I have one of the original Sony XBR25 TVs. Bought it new in 83. Paid $900 and that was the INSIDE deal. In 23 years that TV has cost exactly $65 to repair a dead H-Stat and still has a picture that kills most CRT TVs around today. Enough said.

You can't go wrong with either the Canon or the Sony, but buy the Sony. It takes great pictures, is easy to use, and has more than enough manual settings for you to really confuse yourself.

As always, free advice is worth what you paid for it.
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Thanks for the comments. I should get my H1 sometime this week and I'm very excited. I think the only two things I wish Sony had added to this camera (and this is purely based on specs) are the speed up to 3200 and the ability to use the zoom while recording movies. Oh well, I guess one can't have everything.
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