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coronare Jun 3, 2006 9:29 AM

hi all

maybe it is not the place to ask, but if you have any sugestion pls dont hezitate

I bought a t9 from Dubai without warranty and the camera fell from a 1 meter-high wall :mad:while taking night pictures in Budapest. The autofocus just does not work corectly anymore. the software tests were performed at the sony service (but they are unexperienced in Romania). They sugested to change the whole lens-pack, which will cost aprox 300 euros, more than I paid for the camera in Dubai. Any sugestion where I can get cheaper and reliable service or order lens-pack?????

pls... Tks. Bye

rrgg Jul 13, 2006 5:54 PM

I realize the thread is getting old, but the T30 also has a better flash, which some people complained about with the T9.

To me, if the image quality is the same, then the T9 size outweighs the other factors like LCD & battery. Still haven't decided though.

macboy wrote:

Here are the main differences that I have been able to learn, mostly by reading the user manuals:

Megapixels: T30 shoots in 7M, 5M, 3M, 2M, VGA, 16x9. T9 shoots in 6M, 3M, 1M, VGA, 16x9. (16x9 is 1920x1080 for HDTV). The T30 has a better selection of useful resolutions.

Movie mode: T30 can zoom in movie mode while filming, butthe T9 can not. Both can do 640x480 at 30 fps, with steadyshot, which makes movie mode actually useful.

Battery life: approximately doubled for the T30 over the T9.

Editting: [updated] Both the T30 and T9 can crop pictures, re-size to a lower resolution and rotate.

LCD: 3.0" for the T30 vs. 2.5" for the T9 (both 230k pixels). It may not seem like much difference, but it is 44% bigger.

Size and weight: The T30 is both bigger (95 mm x 56.5 mm x 23.3 mm thick vs. 90 mm x 55 x 20.6 mm thick) and heavier (168 g vs 159 g).

Bottom line: I bought the T9 last week and I am very impressed with it overall, especially the amazing SteadyShot, but I will be returning it and buying a T30 as soon as I can get my hands on one.

buliev Jul 26, 2006 7:58 PM

I was at the Sony shop today, looking on the T9 and T30 and trying to choose which one to buy as a present for my wife. I went almost convinced that T30 will be the winner but as I saw the two cameras next to each other I am not so sure anymore.

After reading reviews, forums, I could summarize the following: T30 has a bit more pixels 7.2M vs 6M; many people say it has a stronger flash but no one comments if it improves significantly the red eye reduction ability; T30 has almost double battery life - it has a 1200mAh NP-FR1 Li-Ion battery vs. 780mAh NP-FP1 Li-Ion of T9 (440 vs. 250 shots); T30 has zooming during video capturing, T9 doesn't; the SuperSteady Shot feature seems to be similar for both of them or at least no one observes significant difference; they say T30 the 3" LCD is 44% brighter than the 2.5" of T9, however is this a significant difference since the human eye has logarithmic intensity sensitivity; everybody says that the quality of the photos is roughly similar; some guy had written that there is a difference between the black covering of T9 (mat) and T30 (glossy like)and there was a question concerning the durability against scratching of this black covering but no one shared experience.

Today in the shop, I looked at a black T9 and silver T30. Although the difference in size is not big – few mm only, T9 looked much more compact. It looked also more stylish and mechanically well manufactured than T30. The front cover was moving smoothly, exactly as I expected no matter where exactly you push it. In contrary, you have to push the cover of T30 in the middle in order to obtain the same smooth motion and it is still not so smooth. I have the feeling that if I press it aside, something will bend and break. I did not like the large black frame with the camera controls on the silver model. On the black model, at least on the photos of T30 I have seen, it complies much better. Since the quality of the photos is similar, the battery life for me remains the main advantage of T30. The higher quality of the mechanical design and manufacturing of T9, as well as the compactness are however things that I like very much in T9.

T9 is sold for 350EU while T30 for 440EU. All Sony cameras are offered with a second battery at a half price till the end of the month. The one of T9 costs normally 70EU while I somehow missed to ask about the price of the T30 battery.

Can you give anything else against T9 and towards T30 so that to buy the newest and more expensive camera and to remain satisfied?


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