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Juice_22 May 6, 2006 2:09 PM

I recently picked up a Sony 1.7x Telephoto lens for my W1. I like it. I do wish the magnification was more, but I got a good deal on the lens. What Filters do you recommend to get for this Camera. I bought a Sunpack Polariver and UV Filter on eBay, but the UV filter didn't seem to do anything to the picture. & the Polarizer didn't give me the Wow factor I was expecting. Should I try a different brand, or get some other filter?

kenmck15 May 6, 2006 6:23 PM


UV fitlers dont do much. they bock out uv rays which you cant see, but may have effects on your image as the ccd in your cam picks this up. uv can reslt in a slight blue colour cast and sometime slight loss in sharpness through uv haze at bigger distances. uv filters minimise this.

Polar filters only come into full effect when 90 degrees to the sun. Thy generally eliminate waer reflectin, increase saturation, reduce highlight blowouts and increase contrast in an image. all good stuff i think.

Personally i use a uv filter on my cam 24/7 souly to protect the front of my lens. Unfortunatey i dont have a polar yet but i wil get one very very soon

i think you have the 2 most important filters at the moment. couldnt really sughgest anything else


rjseeney May 7, 2006 9:41 PM

Uv filters serve no purpose aside from protection. Digicams are not as sensitive to UV light as film, and only add another piece of glass (usually inferior to your lens) to the equation and can result in softer images, more flare or distortion. In terms of protection, if the filter is banged hard enough to break, it will likely result in a scratch thats damages the main lens beyond repair anyway.

Polarizers are effective under the right conditions, and can reult in bluer skies and a reduction of reflections.

The only other filter I could recommend is a ND filter to give you more control over shutter speeds/aperature in very bright conditions.

Most other filters can be repicated in post work.

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