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CComparison shopping for above camera and Canon S3. Told by salesperson of a big problem with the flash on the H5 being too powerful for indoor photos. Anybody experience this problem? Nothing has been posted in any review I've read about this happening.
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The H series cameras have an extremely powerful flash, however the newer H2 and H5 have better control over it than the H1 so you can set the flash to use less power.

People are still standing too close when taking flash photos, this is not a normal tiny P&S with barely a 6 ft range on the flash, dial the power down, stand back and zoom in a little or use a diffuser, all ways to tame the flash and produce better pictures.
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Hi, Tom
I have H1 and from my point H1 as well as all other H cameras is not good for indoors because of flash. Not because flash more or less powerful, but because built-in flash shots straight forward and washes out natural colors and creates harsh shadows. Especially it is bad for portraits. This is relevant for Canon S3 too.
If you want long zoom camera for indoor use, go for Kodak zoom cameras with hot shoe.
You will be able to use external flash and aim it into the ceiling (bounced light). You can not imagine
what kind of difference bounced light makes.

There is another solution: H cameras with external slave flash

Simon G
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Old Jul 21, 2006, 11:36 AM   #4
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Sony's website shows a slave flash (HVL-FSL1B) that apparently connects to the tripod socket on the bottom of the camera (DSC-H1). It says that it does not have to connect to an accessory terminal. HOW DO IT WORK???

Are there any others out there for the H1?

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The idea is: main flash (camera flash) triggers slave via light sensor on slave flash.
It means 2 flashes fire simultaneously.
You will have to find out right exposure.

I hope other folks provide you with more specifics about digital slave flashes.

FYI: H cameras do not have ACC port so this is the only way to ignite slave flash
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I have the Sony slave flash and it works great. I can extend the range of my W1to approx 40 ft when taking indoor construction shots. I normally don't attach to the tripod socket, but point it in the direction I am shooting. Only downside is the battery (CR123) which can get expensive if not purchased online. Other than that the range, small size,andincreased versitility is worth the investment.

The flash on my new H5 is very powerful and although I have not used the camera a lot (yet), it can shoot extended distances with no problems and the long range is very useful with the 12x zoom.

The H5 is an incredible camera and chose it over the S3 because of my past experiences with Sony (third Sony). Check out the shots per charge, and keep in mind that it only uses 2 AA batteries. Also, when shooting long distances with the flash that the full flash will affect the battery with reduced shots per charge.
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