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Meryl Arbing Feb 27, 2005 9:40 PM

I just got back from the 2005 International AutoShow here in Toronto. I took my V3 and used the built-in flash since the F32x had dead batteries.

About 4 out of 100 were not usablebecause of blur even though it was indoors with uneven lighting. There were lots of people with digital cameras there BUT I can't imagine that they went home with anything that was usuable simply because of lousy technique. So, I emplore people who have digital cameras that have optrical viewfinders to USE THEM!! The LCD should be disabled in everything but playback mode. I know this is heresy but I doubt if this guy got any shots worth keeping:

Shooting with the LCD; one handed and without a is a guaranteed blurry shot. If this is how you take your shots with your digital camera AND if you are complaining about blurry images...this is the reason!

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