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ekb606 Feb 12, 2008 1:30 PM

For some reason, all my RAW images are underexposed by between 1 and 1 1/2 stops (or at least that's what I need to add when opening them)

This is consistant at all "film" speeds, flash modes, flash off, Sony kit lenses, various Minolta lenses inc. 50mm f1.4 and beercan, metering modes inc. spot and exp. programs, and software (Sony's, Adobe RAW 4 and Picasa).

When shooting RAW + JPEG, the JPEGs are much closer to right (though still a bit dark for my taste, but that could be me.)

Is this something endemic to the A100's camera's RAW implementation (since exposures are mechanical I can't understand why they would be affected by lack of image processing in camera, but who knows.)

Haven't used any other DSLRs yet,. but I don't recall the RAW images in my Minolta 7hi and A1 being particularly dark before processing.

Thanks for the help friends.

Tullio Feb 15, 2008 11:54 PM

I'd suggest you check a couple of settings. First, the ISO. The A100 has two unusual ISO settings called "zone matching". Make sure you don't have it set to HIGH 200. This is meant for bright color scenes. The other is the DRO. This feature does not work with RAW, RAW+JPEG and in M mode, which kinda relates to what you are experiencing (brighter images when shooting RAW). This feature allows the camera to automatically adjust brightness. Make sure you have it turned on to either STANDARD or ADVANCED. See if it makes any difference. Last but not least, post a couple of images with full EXIF data. That's the best way for people to analyze the settings and give youeducated opinions.

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