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jimevi13 Jan 20, 2009 4:33 AM

hello to all of you and i'am very happy seeing this forum again ! helped me to choose my digital camera back in 2005!
Now after all these years i thought "wouldn't be great to upgrate a litlle bit my p200??"!
So here is my problem!!!
back in 2005 i didn't have extra money to buy the extra lenses VCL-DH2630 tele and the lens VCL-DH0730 and now i am trying to find them or the next model for my p200 and i can't find anything!!!!
can you tell me the upgrates of VCL-DH2630 and VCL-DH0730 that can be suitable for Sony-DSC p200????But also can someone tell me if iam going to need a ring adapter and if i must please tell me witch type!
sorry about my english!
thank you for your time!!!!

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