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jrichmond Jan 21, 2004 11:41 PM

Anyone know the DSC-F77?
In my discussion below on disaster pictures from the T1, I wonder if anyone has a DSC-F77 and could tell us about hteir experience with it. Is the lens sharp, and is it good at taking fast shots under low light? The model hasn't been reviewed much since it is not officially sold in the US, although it is available on the grey market.

Comments, sample pics. appreciated! Thanks!

mestleman Jan 26, 2004 11:34 PM

Yesterday, I went to a sony showroom and saw the F77.
It's lens is tinier than the T1. I wonder if it can do better
than the F55. It has more pixels crammed in almost the
same size sensor. This should produce more noise just
like the F828 that uses 5 megapixel sensor size. It's
like using many basins to collect rain (or light). A few
bigger basins can collect more rain since it doesn't
waste the space in between the basins. If you want
better quality than the F55. Maybe try the one megapixel
digicams. Their CCD is more sensitive because there is
larger area that collects light (producing much less noise
at higher ISO).. or go direct to SLR such as the Canon 300D.


jrichmond Jan 27, 2004 1:41 AM

Please let me know the price the F77 was going for, and in which city/country.

I really don't know about the impacts of sensor size of this camera. It hasn't been reviewed much. It does have 2.8 aperture, however, and no optical zoom, which generally imprives the efficiency of light travel.

mestleman Jan 27, 2004 3:46 AM

The first url above gives a price of $370. It is small enough
to keep inside the pocket (I tried it). But didn't test the
picture quality. When I get my F55 2 days from now. I'll
test it and maybe shoot some image in the F77 inside
the sony store. However, I think it's shutter speed will
perform similar to the T1. This is because the F77 has a 2
second shutter in dark mode compared to the F55
at 1/30 second slowest. But I still couldn't understand
how a 1/30 second shutter can produce bright image
at night in the F55 unless its ISO is increased. But if it's
increased. How come Sony didn't advertise it. My
curiosity will be satisfied when I'd receive the F55
later. If it comes to me DOA (dead on arrival) since
I don't know the owner of the ebay seller. Then
I may just get the V1 (however, this is so big it can't
fit inside the pocket). But it can double as night
vision scope owing to its infrared viewer mode. The
F717 performs twice as better though and it's not far
from the price of the V1. So is it F77, V1 or F717 or
Canon 300D for me. I need to make more technical
research to make the decision.


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