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Hello all...I have had my F828 for close to 2 years now and like it a lot. I love the way it fits in the hand, the swiveling body, great zoom rangeand of course the quality of pics. Also love the low light focusing grid (easily the best there is) and the Nightshot/framing features.

One of the problems I have with it is that there is a noticeable lag. Especially when shooting indoors with modest lighting conditions. I find I have to anticipate action and expressionsto get the shot I want. For the most part I am shooting pictures of family and kids (we all know kids don't stay still long!) and it is really frustrating to constantly 'miss the moment'.

So I have been looking for a suitable replacement that represents an upgrade. I went to a Ritz and checked out the R1 and truthfully, it didn't thrill me. I really don't like that screen on top! Plus I would hate to trade 'down' on the zoom range. I recently purchased a Minolta 7d thinking that was the answer but I found that the images were pretty soft and that the performance was basically equal to my F828 (plus it was much heavier!). So I returned for a full refund.

So where do I go from here? I was contemplating just waiting for the new Alpha A100 but I have my doubts since it's basically a Minolta 5d with some upgrades (although the 10.2 MP sensor and Steadyshot is nothing to balk at). Will this really be any better than my F828?

Please share any opinions. Thanks.
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For image quality the R1 is much better than the 828. But for AF speed, no, it is probably about the same and maybe worse in low light situitations.

Since it seems like AF is the limiting factor in your scenario, just about any dSLR has much faster AF than the 828, or the R1. But on a dSLR, the lens you mate to the body will play a very big part of that performance equation. A slow lens, such as most kit lenses, slow down the AF in low light situitations. A fast lens will easily out perform the slow lens in low light on AF times.
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I know my F828 is a 28-200mm f2/2.8 which is pretty fast/bright. If I were to buy the Alpha, I would like to get close to that range which would mean (accounting for the 1.5x crop factor)either an 18-125mm F3.5/5.6 (Sigma, an opinions?) or to splurge to the 18-200mm F3.5/6.3 (Sony, Minolta, Tamron, Sigma, again, any opinions?). Based on that, I will be losing a stop right from the get go.

So does that mean that the focusing performance of my faster/brighter F828 would be comparable to an Alpha with a slower/darker lens? I know the F828 has the edge in the focus assist category in real low light, that red focusing grid is flawless (or am I mistaken, a DSLR would be able to focus better in a real dim situation)!

Appreciate the feedback.
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Old Aug 26, 2006, 5:45 PM   #4
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I've used a Sony f828 a lot. I have a Digital Rebel XT now. The rebel xt smokes the f828 in focusing time and shutter lag. In low light, they are probably about even because of the grid that 828 uses. I can't understand why Sony didnt use that on the R1. The Rebel XT fires the flash to focus in the dark, it works but I dont think it works as good as the red pattern the 828 uses.

But, trying to answer the question "Is anything better than my F828?"

Theres a lot thats better than the 828.

Rebel XT and the R1 outperform it in pretty much every aspect. My kit len's is about 10 times faster than any non SLR camera I've used.
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Old Aug 28, 2006, 8:07 AM   #5
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I own both the 828 and R-1

I just hit 9,999 on my R-1.

Two days ago I wanted to shoot some macros and decided to

wake up my 828, which I have not been using. It takes good

macros but the menu system is horrible compared to my R-1.

I never had a complaint about the 828 menu until I went back to it

to use it. Becasue of this I decided to trade it in, for what I don't know.

Check out some of my posts to see what I have been able to do with the R-1

regarding focus ( no problem ) and shutterlag ( not bad ).

My R-1 is silent. No noise to disrupt the performers, animals,etc.

It works for me, maybe not for the needs of others.

Regards, Nicholas
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Old Aug 28, 2006, 9:52 AM   #6
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The F828 is"silent" also... just set Beep (under Setup 1) to OFF.

While the F828 stays in the car as my rugged, everyday-always-at-hand shooter,my Canon 30D with appropriate lens has it beat inevery way except for IR photography — but the Canon equipment does not "reside" in my car 24/7.

The virtually instant-on of the Canon 20D and 30D is ideal for those "quick" single shot and rapid-fire situations, and if you leave the camera in the "on" position during a shooting session (all day - no appreciable battery drain), it springs back to life instantly and focuses with the press of the shutter button. Plus with IS lenses, even a telephoto is rock-stable with no "shakey-hand" blurring.
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