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stardust Aug 24, 2002 8:18 PM

aol digicam
I was stupid enough to buy an aol digicam and it worked a few times and then.........#[email protected]!)&*. When I take a picture it displays the code "FE" but according to the handbook there are only 3 codes that it should show......"FL"(full), "Lo" (battery low) and "LL" (low light). "FE" is not acknowledged and when speaking with tech support, they had no clue. They offered to give me a new camera but only if they could bill my old account but guess what?, I'm no longer an aol subscriber. I cannot give them the account to credit/bill so they say I am stuck. I am confounded by this dilema and would love to figure it out if for no other reason than I am one who needs to know how things work. As far as the cost I will absorb..... I will consider it a lesson learned. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me figure this out.....


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