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fastfinger Dec 26, 2004 1:21 PM

I have a Canon Powershot S10 and want to move up in quality. I have no complaints with the camera it's just that I want a better one. I've taken it on rides at Disney and used it extensively for a few years -- and for what it is - it's a good camera. My wife and family members insist on using automatic mode and usually that's not the best for indoor shooting. They will not learn to use the manual settings! Seldom can we pause long enough to make a camera setting that is the best for the situation... the moment passes and we miss the shot. What I need is advice on buying a better camera for general use- knowing that the autofocus setting will be used most of the time.I was looking seriously at the Sony DSC-W1 because of it's large LCD screen and ability to use AA batteries in a pinch. Many claim that it is not the best choice in the 5 megapizel choice of camera - particularly because of the poor autofocus ( both in shot and video) an the problems with indoor pictures. Well, most of the time , at home or on vacaton - I need a camerathat allows me to catch the action ( point and shoot ) without having to worry about what setting is best for that particular situation. I enjoy the ability to set the manual settings when I know ahead of time what I will be doing,like at sports events outside. I would be grateful for camera recommendations. ThankX ahead of time. fastfinger

Meryl Arbing Dec 27, 2004 10:31 AM

There are usually two variables that people are concerned about with AutoFocus; Speed and Accuracy.

Some people want the camera to lock on focus quickly so that action seen through the viewfinder can be caught.

Other people want the focus to be accurate in the it will focus on the correct object.

Some cameras lock focus quickly but not always on the right object, other cameras take their time to lock focus but are always on the right object.

Of course, the best cameras are fast AND accurate.

For action shots, I don't always use AF in any case. Since every lens has a hyperfocal setting that will cover an large area, I usually turn off AF; set the manual focus and the aperture to the hyperfocal point and I am guaranteed that everything will be in focus. It also eliminates all shutter lag caused by the AF system.

fastfinger Dec 28, 2004 10:45 AM

Thanks for the advice.

I am seriously looking into the HP Photosmart 945 because of its Adaptive Lighting features, great zoom , and the ability to use AA batteries in a pinch. The Sony DSC-W1 is another camera that is easy to use, has a great LCD screen, and hasthe AA battery safety net. ANY comments on these choices will be read with appreciation.

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