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aman Dec 27, 2003 2:49 AM

battery life ??? plz need some help desperately
after doin alot of research n borin the heck out of everyone out here , i finally got the sonys p72 . it is an amazin camera ,wid good pic quality , though not as good as the nikon (4300) i previously owned , but in some places the pic quality of both the cameras could be compared wid one another . i like the coloe effects that the it offers such as sepia , B & W , and loved th negative one
Now comin to the question ------ im goin to the himalyas for a week (7days) or sooo and out there they dont have any pins or plugs to recharge the batteries and other stuff , so i wanted to know how many extra batteries should i take , assumin im usin the camera extensively , most of the time wid lcd on ????? i already have 3 extra pairs of sanyo 2100mah batteries excludin the one wid the camera ?????
plz give some suggestions as i need some help desperately as im leavin by the 2 or 3 week of jan .
thanz anywayz for ya suggestions ( in advance )

amazingthailand Dec 28, 2003 7:24 AM

Tough problem. Okay, how many photos do you think you might take? How many shots can you get out of a set of recharged batteries? Now divide the second number into the first and that is how many sets of batteries you will need.

But... yes, there is always a but... NiMH batteries self discharge, so the charge on the batteries will be running down while they sit in you camera bag. So bring extras!!!

You might also see if you can find a solar battery charger.

Just a thought.


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