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I have a DSC-P10. I bought it about 15 months ago, and use it pretty regularly. The unfortunate thing is, that I have no clue about how to REALLY use this camera, and even less about photography in general.

Anyway, I get good family, and friend pictures out of it, so that makes me happy. Recently, I've been trying to take a lot of sport (action) pictures. Everytime I take a pic it is blurry. Nothing was changed on this camera, I just have never taken many (or any) moving pics.

I want to be able to take a pic of someone running or jumping, and have it come out clear, not blurry like it always does. Can someone please explain to me what mode I need to have it in, and how to do that. Remember, you are dealing with a VERY uninformed person when it coes to photography and cameras. :?:?

I don't even know the difference between the two modes at the top of the camers (the green camera icon, and the black camera witha "P" next to it icon)

Thanks for any help I might receive!!!!!!
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With some cameras, you have an aperture priority mode that allows you to select the largest available aperture (smallest f/stop number) for a given focal length. This insures that the camera will select the fastest possible shutter speed for a given lighting condition and ISO Speed setting.

Your P10 doesn't have this feature. Chances are, the Autoexposure Algorithms are going to keep the ISO Speed set to it's lowest value, unless the shutter speeds fall below 1/focal length (for example, 1/100 second for a 100mm equivalent zoom setting).

So, your best bet with your model for faster shutter speeds is to manually set the ISO speed to a higher value. Each time you double the ISO speed, the camera can use shutter speeds twice as fast for any given lighting condition and aperture. I'd use that "P" (Programmed Auto Exposure) mode for when you want to change something from defaults.

Higher ISO speeds will result in increased noise (similar to film grain). If you find the noise objectionable at the viewing/print sizes needed, here are some tools that can help reduce it:




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