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ican Jun 20, 2004 5:50 AM

please help me choose!

dsc-v1, dsc-t1, dsc-p10, canon powershot s60

which of them has the best picture quality? (indoor, outdoor, no red-eyes,no blurs ect..)

if you think non of my options are worth buying, i`d appriciate it if you recommend another one! (max price US$400 that is :D)

thank you very much!

Old Rooster Jun 20, 2004 6:32 AM

Your max price of $400 won't cover the S60 ($499.99) or V1 ($499.99), but I have seen the P10 for $349.99 at Ritz. Of that group, and with the price limitation, I would lean towards the P10. I'm currently trying an A80 ($349.99) and liking it a lot. I suspect Cybershot, who just purchased a P10, will chime in on this. He's much more of a Sony expert than I.

Happy shopping!

Cybershot455 Jun 21, 2004 4:38 AM

Thanks Old Rooster, no expert...just a biased owner :-).


Forgetting price for a moment....

Remember the V1 is a different type of camera to the other three. It is larger andheavier with the most spectacular array of manual options. I would say its image quality overall may be a little better than the other three too, but that might not be noticed by most folks in normal use and could be down to personal preference.

Outdoors in good light I bet they will all produce decent images though. Do remember most makes have something of an image "character". If you like that of the Sony you might not like the Canon...or it might be you like the Canon's best.

Indoor images can be a problem as folks seem to expect far too much of digicams. Remember flash range will ideally be between say 5ft and 12ft. The V1should have the best flash range of these cameras and the T1 the worse by a long way. If you don't use flash you'll need a tripod indoors or your images will be blurred.

I suppose I would sum it up that if you want the camera with the ultimate ability/options and are willing to trade off size and complicated operation get the V1.

Ifyou still wantmanual controls but in a compact camera, and you like the Canon character, get the S60.

If you want excellent images with some extra modes but no fiddling with manual controls get a P10 (should be the cheapest too).

If the ability to get the camera into your shirt pocket is most important and you are willing to trade off some aspects of the images get a T1.

Ideally you need to test all these cameras as the simplest thing can put you off one or another.

Just as an example of the choices you might make...

Old Rooster and I have very similar needs for a digicam, we are of broadly similar age with previous SLR experience. When we were both looking to upgrade recently from older digicams our requirements on paperwere almost identical. We both carried out similar research on the forums and by downloading example photos from this site.

Yet I bought a Sony P10 and he bought a Canon A80. In many respects these cameras are quite different.... but we both really like our choices and fiercely defend them on these forums!.


ican Jun 21, 2004 6:30 AM

hey thx alot man!

now i`m getting somewhere!:cool:

not judging by the size, between v1 and w1 which one do you recommend me to buy?
is it true that v1 doesn`t suit amateurs like me cuz of the manual settings and stuff? and w1 is the right one? what do you think?(forgive my english)

Cybershot455 Jun 29, 2004 7:56 AM

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You will have to look into them both a bit more knowing exactly what you want of your camera. If you do not need all the manual facilities of the V1 then there is no need to put up with carrying it about orthe extra complication.

But if you did want advanced manual modes then the W1 may quickly dissapoint.

Here is a sample image I took with the V1 I had on test. It is a small section cropped from a 5MP image and shown full size here...if that makes sense. I thought the quality of the chrome and glossy paint was really good.


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