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After weeks of reading many different reviews, going to camera shops and testing the cameras, It looks like I will buy the DSC-W15 model. Are there any owners out there who can tell me the pros and cons of this camera in every day use?
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The Sony W-15 is technically the same camera as the W-5. The only differences are the other look and extra batteries and a leather case.



Neat version over the Identical W-5 (well, opinions differ of course).

Huge screen: 2,5 Inch

Energy from rechargable Pen-Lite Batteries (you get four of them), you only get two with the W-5. Good duration too.

You get a leather case, unlike the W-5

Fast startup.

Good lens-> Carl Zeiss Vario Tessar 3x optical

All the options available: Scene settings, aperture, shutter speed, flash power, saturation contrast and sharpness level, black&white mode Sepia. Well this is a thing you should check out in reviews, if they are available.

+On board RAM of 32MB, which COULD come in handy in situations, where you just need to make another picture, but your memory card is full.


The flash placement almost guarantees red-eye. Well maybe that's too harsh sounding, but you do get red-eye. It's a problem. There is a positive thing about the placement, though and that is that the cast shadows, you know the 'ugly' shadows you normally get next to the subject, is even aligned straight off the subject. It's 'rendered' a lot better, if you get me.

No Manual White Balance. It's more of a lack, than a negative thing, though. In auto mode, the mode that the camera controls everything except the flash on or off, it also tend to choose a wrong auto white balance setting, but I believe all camera's have this flaw. You could edit it yourself in P mode and M mode, though (through the available settings).

No hot shoe, although you could buy a slave flash/adaptor for that (but you'll always need the onboard flash to activate the slave one).

I myself have the W-12, the camera with the exact same functions as the W-15, also in black, with extra batteries and a case, though in a slightly different look and (probably) using less new technology, and I am positive about my first digital camera. There are times where I really dislike the very present red-eye, but I can edit them using photoshop, and I do like that it doesn't have the other problem: having shadows caused by the flash next to the subject. You can't edit those. Every con has a pro, I suppose.

I would check the P-200 as well, if I were you.
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Cheers, and thanks for the input.
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