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After reading this discussion board, Steve's reviews, reviews on epinions.com and dpreview, I thought I had it down to the Sony W1 or the Nikon 5200. I really wanted to go with the Nikon 5200 because I don't like propietary bent of Sony. I went to a store nearby to check them both out. Then, I saw the Sony V1 which I never considered because I thought it was too big. Now I am totally undecided .

Here's what I want in a camera:

1) Very good auto mode. I never learned about all those fancy features on my Canon and now admit I never will. I am not a professional photographer and never will be.

2) Better flash. I take more and more pictures of my kids indoors, and just really hate how much time I spend on the PC trying to fix the pictures which then end up grainy.

3) Relatively small & lightweight, but since I'm female, I do carry a purse, so pocket-sized isn't a requirement. The Canon G5 just seems too big.

I'm concerned about the V1's poor battery, and the extra expense of converting to Sony. I use my camera a LOT for quick snaps of the kids, vacation shots, family holidays, etc.

Any and all advice is very much appreciated. I want to sleep again.

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>>I use my camera a LOT for quick snaps of the kids, vacation shots, family holidays, etc.

I honestly think you have summed up why you don't need a V1!

There is a thread at this very moment one or two below this one where I posted about the V1. I didn't think it would suit the posters needs but in the end it did, so you never can say for sure. However this is what I'dthink in your circumstance....

When looking to upgrade from an older Sony compact point and shoot I had the V1 on loan/test for a weekend so have a good load of shots fromit on the PC. I also tested the Sony P93 which is very similar to the W1 but with a different shape body, smaller LCD and without the Zeiss lens. Also testedthe Canon A75 which had image problemsfor my use. Finally tested a Sony P10 which I bought.

My photo requirements sound exactly the same as yours and I found theV1 bulky, a bit slowand over-complicated to operate. Ok you say you carry a purse (handbag in the UK I guess?) but you still need the camera within its own protective case of some sort and that gets pretty bulky with the V1. It seemed too fat to "slip" anywhere in the time I used it.

The V1 has a stunning range of complex manual options and various extra input buttons spread about to reach these settings. I found you had to stop and think to know exactly how the camera was set at any particular time.

Something the reviews comment on was a real issue with me, the pop up flash. This pops up from the top left of the camera where your fingers go. Time and time again I ended up unknowingly holding it down (the pop up spring is very light) with my fingers and wondering why the flash hadn't fired.

Bear in mind the V1 has the shorter life (compared to other Sony compacts with AA rechargeables)InfoLithium batteries and you would need to buy an extra one straight away so budget that in the price. Also I hate the way the V1 chargesits battery in the camera, for me a stand-alone charger is another essential extra cost.

My pick for you would be the Sony P93** which is a nice compact shape without being too small, is 5MP, comes complete with rechargeable AAs and is good value. The only thing the P93 doesn't have is a Sports or Fast Shutter mode for faster action. If you need that then the P10 or P100 are more suitable. Note the W1 doesn't have this sports setting either.

**Also note if you looked far enough back here to when I was testing the different cameras I posted about the P93 in a negative way just after returning it. The main issue for me was that I neededits manual mode and in order to use it I had to be able to easily read the display without glasses...I couldn't! I had other issues with it too but as I tested more cameras realised these were probabably not reasons to avoid it.

I hope that helps rather than confuses!


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