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DougP Aug 6, 2003 5:22 PM

Canon S400 vs Sony PC10 or other SMALL cameras
I also posted this in the Canon section. I apologize if this is inappropriate, but I am looking for everyones view, not just the Canon fans.

I am about to purchase a replacement for my Epson 800 camera. I want a small point and shoot camera with fast shutter lag and great auto functions. With 3 kids I don't have space for lugging a big camera or the time to fuss with setup. My Epson is too slow, from the time I push the shutter release, to the time it takes the picture the action is long gone.

My criteria:

Small & Light & fast
Fast start up, fast to focus, fast from shot to next shot.
Great auto everything, I don't have time to figure out modes etc.
I figure 4 + Megapixel so that I can aways crop etc. to make a photo nice after the fact.
Great outdoors and indoors pictures. minimal redeye. Great autofocus, fast, fast, fast. I will load it up with lots of memory and try to take lots of shots.


Olympus C50, I think this camera has indoor low light focus issues, also it is a bit bigger than the other options.

Pentax S, nice and small, kind of hard to hold. IS 3 Meg enough? Also I understand shot to next shot speed is an issue?

Sony PC10, slightly longer and shorter than Canon S400. uses memory stick, but not a big issue, I have a Sony camcorder so I can always share MS. Not sure how all the auto functions compare to Canon

Canon S400, nice size, only 4 Megpixel. how well do the auto shoot features work, indoors and outdoors.

So I think I have it narowed down to S400 vs PC10 but boy that Pentax S is a nice size!!!! I would appreciate feedback on what people think on these.


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