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r-piazza Mar 25, 2004 12:58 PM

Carl Zeiss lens protection,and blues club photos
I am a beginner to digital cameras,and after about a year decided to purchase the Sony DSC-F717. I will be using this just for everyday shots I would use any camera,parties. I do have one special need I hope it works well in,and two questions.
The first question and need is I bought it for taking pictures in blues clubs. I was wondering if you could suggest how to set up this camera for taking the best possible pictures in that type of environment.
Second question is, when I was showing this camera to two friends,they both said I should buy a lens to protect the Carl Zeiss lens. Does this need to be done? If so, what is needed to protect the lens?
Thank you,
[email protected]

UrbanPhotos Mar 29, 2004 3:22 AM

A simple UV filter can be left on the lens at all times to protect it. That's what I do, although sometimes I take it off if I'm doing night photography to avoid problems with reflections and flaring.

It's nice to have the filter on there, because if something hits it and cracks it, you just have to replace the inexpensive filter and not the whole lens (which would basically mean replacing the whole camera). Also, if you get fingerprints or water spots or something on it, you can simply remove the filter and clean it, instead of having to clean the lens itself.

A few years ago, I went on a harbor cruise in San Francisco, and salt water mist collected on my lens (I was using a 35mm SLR at the time). But, I had a UV filter on the lens, so the lens was protected and I was able to clean the water spots off the filter without worrying about the lens itself.

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