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Roger Sheppard Apr 4, 2003 7:33 AM

Cases for F717 Again.
Seems that most recommend cases that are to small, the camera
length is 6 3/4" to the end of the viewfinder with the lens cap on, so with a filter and lens hood will be about 7" or more.

Most seem to recommend cases that are 6.5 h, and some top loading ones that have no protection for the LCD screen at all.

It seems that a case that is 7" w would be OK with the Lens at the bottom, so that the LCD is at the side, so if you dropped some thing on top of the case then the LCD screen will not break.

So far all the cases that I can find are way too deep and bulky, I only need a small case than can take a Sony Mem Stick case and a few Filters.

And clues, ?



rlpumphrey Apr 4, 2003 11:54 AM

I have a Sony 707. I took the camera with Me to My local Micro Center Store and tried on a number of bags. The one I picked was Case Logic DVC50 for Digital Camcorders. Itís small, well padded, and just the right length for the 707 with one filter attached. It has a small front pocket for filters, memory, etc.

Itís worked well for Me.
Hope this helps

kcemb Apr 26, 2003 4:12 AM

Case for 717
I use a small case by "Crumpler" made of a very tough Cordura type of material. The 717 just drops in and I can get my Sony stick holder in it too. It is not excessivly padded, but I cannot imagine a neater case nor a more compact one for this camera. It has a good strap and a belt lug. And it was about half the price in the uk of the Sony case, and a lot less bulky.

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