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korbs Dec 15, 2004 2:01 AM

I'm new to the forums. I thank all of you for insight. I've learned tuns more about the V3 I recently bought. It's been a month long research project for my decision. I have no digital camera experience, the V3 is my first. I'm excited!

I currently use the Sony MS Pro (msx512s- a black stick) an UltraII CF 1Gig. The Sony MSPro is faster by approx 2secs writing a RAW or TIFF shot in about 9.5-10 seconds. My question is this.

SanDisk makes a MSPro ExtremeIII capable at writing and reading 18MB/sec..minimum. Does that mean I'd write a 18MB RAW/TIFF file in 1 second with my V3? Or does the V3 have a limitation on how fast it is ABLE to write to MS media? Sony could not give me an answer to this even after being escalated through support. (Nice people trying to help but not real technical--UGG!)

My UltraII CF claims 10MB/9MB write and transfer but it doesn't jive since it takes almost 12 seconds to write 18MB RAW.

Not a Pro here but would like to shoot at highest speed I can. I figure to just buy a 1 or 2 gig Memory stick High Speed or SD- MS Extreme III and not use CF at all. but if there is no benefit to the purchase because of a camera limitation then it's no sense. Thanks!

korbs Dec 15, 2004 8:32 PM

Surely someone here knows if the V3 or another high-end prosumer model can push the write speeds these Cf/MS cards are capable of..

duke Dec 16, 2004 5:24 PM

I just bought a V3 and called Sandisk to see if the extreme III would work in it....the answer was no. They told me that I would have to use the type I . I went to Sony's site and they say the same thing.... type I. On page 21 of the owners instructions Sony says they have tested the type I, however they will not guarntee proper operation of all CF cards. Is the type II working for you ?. I may go with the 1 GB prostickinstead.

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