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larry g Aug 8, 2002 12:35 AM

Compatibility issue between Sony DSC-P50 and Windows 95
Any suggestions to fix an apparent compatibility issue between the software with the Sony DSC-P50 camera and a Windows 95 operating system running on a desktop would be greatly appreciated.

sjms Aug 8, 2002 11:36 AM

what exactly is the issue?

larry g Aug 8, 2002 8:14 PM

DSC-P50 software and Windows 95 issue
Issue seems to be installing the Sony USB driver (SPVD-004) that came with the camera onto a Windows 95 operating system. Attempted to install with the install wizard, but won't complete. I had heard from one source that I need at least Windows 98, clean install (not an upgrade) for the computer, which is a desktop, to communicate with the camera. Are there other solutions?

Gary Senkus Aug 10, 2002 8:08 AM

win95b was first to support USB, BIOS in many motherboards also has "enable" for USB, this should be enabled prior to installing OS thats Supports USB. ME is a stabble platform now, but the futher you get away from 95 the more problems with any DOS (RIP) based programs. ME does a better job in having drivers for hardware than the 98's.

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