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jfusco Oct 15, 2004 5:38 PM

:sad:Several months ago, my wife's P51 experienced the much-documented black screen. On my own, I figured out it was not the screen but the image sensor, or at least a problem with the signal from the image sensor. I also figured out, on my own, the percussive maintenance repair method.

Two nights ago, my wife was looking for a set of batteries to check to see if the camera was OK before she packed it for her trip. We put the rechargeables on to charge (every set was dead) and grabbed a set of alkalines.

Oddly enough, the camera would not power-on with the alkalines:(. The power light would blip on then the camera would shut right off.

The next day, I grabbed a set of the batteries off the charger and popped them in the camera. It came on just fine but now, in shooting modes, the LCD is white. There is a line of interference near the right side and it fades from white to a pinkish color. When I take a shot, it comes out blank.

We bought my wife a new P93 last night and I've tried several different methods including percussive maintenance, wiggling the button battery, making sure all of the ribbon cables are well seated, etc. to fix it but no luck:angry:.

Has anyone else experienced the white screen of death? Any thoughts on getting it working or should I just put it up on eBay for parts?


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