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Default Defect in DSC-P72? Chooses ISO 100 at 3X

I had sent my Sony DSC-P72 in for repairs because it was taking blurry photos in well lit situations when it should be at a high ISO, and it came back with the same problem.

I went and bought another one of these cameras to verify if something is wrong with my camera, or if there is a 'defect' in the product, and the new camera behaved in exactly the same way!!!!!! Glitch in camera software?
Here is how to recreate the problem.

The problem is that the camera chooses to low on an ISO when zoomed in 3X. I can alleviate the problem by manually setting the ISO. On a bright sunny day, zoom in to 3X, shoot at a subject approx 10' to 15' away, subject should be in direct sunlight. Behind subject have bushes, or a dark house, or trees, or even just shadows. The background can be close or far, either way the camera will give the 'shake' warning as it seems to be choosing ISO 100. I think this because I manually chose ISO 100 and got the shake warning. Then forced ISO 200 and did not get the shake warning.

I have now switched to a Canon A60 and it does not have this problem in the exactly the same conditions, so there is definitely something wrong with this model of camera. (I tested the cameras side by side) The problem only seems to arise if the camera is zoomed in. As this is a 'point and shoot' camera, it should be making the correct choice of ISO, I should not have to force it.

Can anyone else verify what I have found?

Incidently the Canon also seems to do a lot better with indoor no-flash photos. Doesnt seem to require as much light, so the movies always come out better. The Sony always gives grainy indoor photos without the flash, and since it cant use the flash for movie mode, all movies look terrrible!

Luke Zankich
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