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Hi All

While doing portraits of a friend of mine on the R1, I noticed some of them were out of focus in some parts of his face. I was quite close up at long end of zoom=120mm.

So I have been on the lookout for a depth of field and found this free program:


The Sony

are all prepresented in the configuration list ... supposedly automatically setting the program for them.
You then key in the Focal length, the Aperture and the Focus Distance.
The program then calculates a variey of DOP-type parameters.
It will import an image and read its exif data too.

I intend to learn to use it and will be keen to hear others' impressions of this.

My own angle on this is that I have the R1 and part of my intended use is to do low light action shots.
[sounds of people clutching themselves laughing]
However .... dexterity with zooming and manual focus and setting up parameters beforehand [thanks Nicholoas] will be part of my solution.
Also, getting to know my depth of field will be another of my methods.

Best wishes

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Thanks, Glyn. Looks like a great program; unfortunately it's Windows only!
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Argh .... of course - you use Mac

Sorry Ria

Here is a ready-made hyperfocal distance chart for the R1 which I came across in my ramblings through the DPReview site


All the best


PS, when I have the time, I am going to do some of my own tests on that, because some of the 'results' from the program are slightly different from what is written on the chart. I am beginning to dimly make sense of articles which explain that depth of field is an approximation based partly on assumptions about the ability of people with average eyesight to distinguish up to a certain resolution. Other parameterswould includemaximum resolution of the camera lens/sensor and, I suppose, printer.

My Eos1 has a click nearest/click furthest function so camera calculates best focus distance given the aperture chosen. I'll need to learn to do that for myself for landscapes which should be simple once I have got an accurate sense of the hyperfocal distances. Also for various halls that I am in .... which will be less simple. I'll need to find ways of calculating that. I certainly would appreciate help on that issue!

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Thanks for the links

I downloaded both. I knew about Hyper-focal distance but never learned

how to use it. Perhaps with my panos I would improve details.

I will have to spend time with your info and get back to you with my list of 'What?'s.

Regards, Nicholas
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