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katana2k Nov 6, 2006 6:01 PM


I have been using a P200 for a while and take quite a few Shots at night using the manual exposure settings, I know the T50 doesnt have Manual exposure settings, But will it be able to match the P200 In taking shots at night time using High Sensitivity modes etc. Also I have found the T30 and T50 for the same Price, Is it worth having the touch screen for no extra cost?

Many Thanks For Your Help


CyberShotNut Nov 7, 2006 3:48 AM

The T50 won't even come close to taking as good pics as the P200. The P200 has a brighter lens and manual shutter speeds up to 30 seconds. The T30 or T50 has a minimum shutter speed of 2 seconds and if you ust the high ISO mode, you'll get noisy pics.

katana2k Nov 7, 2006 7:47 AM

Thanks, But I only use shutter speeds at around 3seconds so 2 would suffice. Are you sure its 2?, Because for the tech specs its says that it goes down to "1/4" Second speed? Shutter speeds aside, would you recommend the T50 over the P200. I mean my P200 is good, but a bit chunky.

Many Thanks

CyberShotNut Nov 7, 2006 5:11 PM

The T50 has a darker lens with a maximum aperture of f3.5 which means you will need longer shutter speeds to get the same exposure as the P200. It goes down to 1/4" in auto mode and 2" in night mode. The T50 is a good camera, but is more limited and the P200 will give you much better flash pictures since the flash is further away from the lens.

katana2k Nov 7, 2006 5:25 PM

Thanks for The Help!

slipe Nov 7, 2006 10:14 PM

For most practical photography I find the f4.3 at telephoto on the T50 compared to f5.6 on the P200 to be a greater advantage than the f2.8 compared to f3.5 at wide. You need faster shutters and more light at telephoto.

The distance between the flash and lens on the P200 makes it probably the best of the small cameras for red-eye. On the other hand it makes for much more pronounced shadows when the subject is near a wall or solid object. I find the red-eye easy to remove but the shadows are hard to deal with.

Some people didn't like the default 1/30 flash shutter sync on the P200. It gives better backgrounds but causes a lot more ghost images from movement. I suppose you could override the flash sync but it is a hassle if you want to grab a fast flash shot. I'm not really sure Sony changed that on the newer cameras, but you don't see the complaints you saw with the P200.

The stabilization on the T50 is an advantage, but it is partly offset by the unsteady hold without an optical viewfinder. But with the combination of f4.3 at telephoto and the stabilization you would have better versatility in limited light even without the optical finder.

Some people love the touch screen and some people really hate it. I would probably be in the second group. I hope Sony has started a trend putting a transreflective LCD on the camera. Even with an optical finder it can be hard to see the settings in bright sunlight, and I think it is a necessity with LCD only cameras.

The 7Mp Sony 1/1.8 sensor on the P200 is one of the best small camera sensors to date. And it is a much more versatile camera for night photography, which you seem interested in. I personally hate not having an optical viewfinder. The LCD on the T50 is head and shoulders above the P200 and the stabilization is nice. But I wouldn't upgrade if I had a P200 – I'm not sure "upgrade" is the right word unless you are going mainly for size.

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