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sferrari63 Jan 4, 2005 11:52 PM

I experimented with the Sony slave flash and a P150, and at the time it seemed to signficantly help the lighting for indoor shots. However, after reading some of the posts in this forum, I returned it and bought the DF120, since people seemed to like it and I liked the idea of being able to use it as a bounce-flash while attached to the camera, the AAA batteries, the little stand, and the lower price. However, experimenting with it tonight, I don't see much of a difference with the slave flash on or off. Even with the flash detached from the camera and placed to the side or forward, I don't get much if any benefit. The calibration procedure suggests that the mode switch should be set at 2, but I've also tried it at 1 (pictures come out darker than with camera's flash; exposure is fooled somehow?) and 3 (similar results to 2).

I've never used a slave flash before, so perhaps I'm doing something wrong. If anyone has any suggestions, they'd be appreciated. Otherwise, I offer this as a counterpoint to some of the good recommendations that people have given.

Unfortunately, I've returned the Sony flash so I can't do a head-to-head comparision. I suppose I could buy another, return it again if my first impression was wrong and there really is no difference, else keep it and try to sell the Vivitar. (The shipping and restocking fee on the Vivitar make it hardly worth my while.)

Cybershot455 Jan 5, 2005 7:11 AM

I'm one of the people who posted that I really liked the DF120 after testing a Sony slave. I never claimed it had a better light output than the Sony but I think its operation is more reliable with its triggering method, and I like the bounce option etc.....and the low price!!

First you aren't using the anti red-eye strobe on the camera are you? The DF120 will then fire before the actual image is taken.

I bet setting 2 is right for your camera but to be 100% sure...

Check red eye mode is off. Place the flash facing you a few feet from the camera and take a photo of the flash on each setting 1/2/3.

The correct one for you is the one where you see the flash working in the image.


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