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chad515 May 17, 2007 7:36 AM

What is the difference between the Cybershot T series and W series. I'm looking for an ultracompact. I found the T20 at Best Buy and thought it was pretty slick. I thought the W series was bigger, so didn't pay attention to it. But I just read Steve's review of the W90 and it seems to be just as small as (if not smaller than) the T20. I know the T series is marketed as the stylish series, but is there a functional difference between the two series?

Wirraway May 17, 2007 12:08 PM

Gidday Chad, yes the W series are small, often use my wife's DSC-W100 and love what it can accomplish and easily fits in the pocket, for available light shots it is great at ISO 400 and ISO 800 using a bit of noiseware are good up to 10x8 prints.

Read Steve's impressive review of this camera on this site, if your in the U.S. they are being run out in preparation for the DSC-W200 and can be bought cheap if you hurry.

The W100 has the 1/1.8" chip which is 50% more than 1/1.25" found in the other W series.

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