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Hello, All:

2:30 p.m. is nowhere near Galen Rowell's magic hour, but I had to stop today and take one last look at the Cypress down on the Sabinal. They are turning brown now, and have dropped nearly all of their needles -- but still have a bit of magic left.

(I'm not sure if these will post too dark, or not. They look fine on my monitor, but it's not calibrated and I keep getting comments that my images are too dark. I'm not very skilled at landscapes, so any and all comments/critiques/suggestions for improvement would be greatly appreciated.) Ria

P.S. For some reason, the time on my exif data on the Sony R-1 is way off. Does anyone out there know how to reset it? It was working fine a few days ago.
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Here's another frame for comparison, and there are two more on the Landscape forum. (Trying not to clog up "our" forums bandwidth). I am planning to re-shoot in the morning; probably my last chance this year, so any comments or advice would be very helpful. Thanks a bunch! Ria
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Hi Ria

I also went over to the Landscape forum and had a look at those other two.

I was blown away by the subject matter ....
But especially blown away by the composition ... it is as if the trees went 'Ria's photographing us ... let's look our best and shuffle into just the right positions'

You mentioned underexposure due to avoiding blowing the highlights and liking the the soft quality of the shot. I concur ... it lives in that world between photo and painting and is therefore able to grasp my feelings from a wider variety of directions.

Yousaid you were going out again today and asked for some ideas to take with you ... please do some more exposures as you have done ... protecting highlights, but also some with greater exposure for more easy access to shadow detail. This is not to lose the etherial quality but to simply add choice.

I don't know if you are using a tripod, but if you are, then please keep the same distance, do one for highlights, one for mids and one for shadows .... ie get a spread of exposures of the same composition and send em to me and I will try use my hdr program to stich something which contains the wide range of brightnesses.
Come to think of it, if you have got three aligned images, then you could have them in layers and do selective masking.
Those are just a few possibilities.

How specifically was I blown away?
Well, for example, compositionally, that down-by-the-river.jpg I love because of the left to right 'natural' grading of [far to close and light to dark] and [colourful/saturated to less colourful/desaturated] ... the change of qualities is so incredibly ..er .. how do I put it ... 'unified' from left to right.
that is one part of the gravity of the pic.
Then ... the trees .... noticing the bases of them, there is a gentle suggestion of clockwize movement .... the far left tree-base ...the eye then proceeds gently down to the right .... all the way and then back down further slightly leftwards and into the pool.A second 'clockwize' movement avoids going all the way to the right and simply goes down and round to the pool as soon as that closest tree is touched.

The vertical trees have led the eye to a horizontal fondation of lake and closest tree base .... I then get drawn in by the horizontal layering ... before we get to the leaves, there is the whitish surface on which the majority of trees are standing .. almost as if they are posing on a stage.

The background itself .. above the horizon of the 'white' could have an imaginary line drawn from bottom right to top left .... a diagonal below which is a wedge of light andabove which is a wedge of shadow.

These pics have moved me deeply.

In-camera time .... is the 'wrong exif data the same as the 'file created' in the folder you daved the files from the camera too? And I'm wondering if resettign the time could be as simple as going to the basic time/date setup choices in the R1?
In any event, it would be interesting to wonder HOW it happened ... if it had happned to me, I would have been concerned it might indicate some possibly intermittent power situation which might have negative effects in orher ways if it happens again.
First off I would simply reset the time in the standard way and hope for the best.

Take care


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Hi, Glyn:

Thanks so much taking the time to give such detailed comments; I got none on the landscape forum so they must be pretty bad. (Meaning my pictures were bad, not the landscape forum. I need some coffee!) I have trouble metering landscapes; (which is a bit of a handicap since I live in one of the most beautiful, delicate ecosystems on the planet. The time of day didn't help, either, since as you can see there was a lot of contrast. I really like your multiple exposure and HDR idea - I'm thinking this is the only way I am going to be able to reproduce the difficult lighting.

It turned out to be a drab, overcast morning, it's very possible there will not be enough light under the heavy tree cover to reproduce the backlit lighting of yesterday afternoon, but I'm off again anyway, armed with your advice. I do have tripods, but didn't use them for the river images. (Don't tell Nicholas but I took those from my car window from the middle of a small one lane bridge. Ooops - he knows now! LOL) Since there are only maybe 4 or 5 cars on that road all day, I think I was pretty safe.

I do wish I could pop on a ND and get some flowing water ... unfortunately, we are in a severe drought and there has been little moving water around here the past few years. I know I can fake it in PS, but it's not the same, is it? Always makes me feel like I was cheating. Thanks again, Ria
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Beautiful area and photo Ria. Do you have EV adjustment on the R-1? When I'm in a dark area like that I will go to the + side until the picture looks lighter. Don't know if that's the way to do it but it works for me.

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You are exactly correct. Exposure Compensation is the way to do it and the R-1 is equipped with it. Great photo, Ria!

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