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viewfinder Dec 2, 2003 2:08 PM

DSC-F717 Battery or Camera Problem?
I recently got a DSC-F717 model (bought in 7/2003) which came with the recharged battery NP-FM50.

When the battery ran out of juice. I connected the AC outlet to the charger adaptor of the camera to charge the battery. The charge light (CHG) on the lighted up and went out after a few minutes. As usual I disconnect the adaptor and turn it on to check if it full charge. The camera flashed with the Low Battery indicator. I re-connected the charger adaptor. Again, the charge light went on and off like before, but I let it connect to the AC power for at least 6 hours to see if there was any charge.

After 6 hours, I unplugged the adaptor, and turned the camera on. I still see the flashing Low Battery indicator on.

I turned it off and removed the battery out, then connected the AC adaptor to the camera and turn it back on. The camera went on and no Low Battery indicator flashing at all. I could take some shots OK.

Is this the problem with the camera or the battery? Camera was bought brand new from The batter should NOT last in such a short time !! (only 4 month??)

Anyone has this type of problem? please help me out.


Darrell1 Dec 2, 2003 10:37 PM

Because your camera works with the adapter, tells me that the problem must be with the battery.

A batteries life can be shortened if not taken care of, but no matter what you do, it WILL last longer than 4 months.

Something is wrong. Take it back if you can.

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