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Default DSC F717 Hologram AF question

When I use the Hologram AF the laser pattern appears to not be centered in my LCD screen! The patterns center appears to be to the right of center in the LCD screen. Is this what other 717 users experiance? It appears to be working correctly but I need to know while still in the 14 day window of buying it. I seem to remember my 707 being more centered in the LCD screen but as I have gotten older I trust my memory less and less!
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It is a bit off but no prob. It has a wide spread. :lol:
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Not only that...but it depends how far you are. I noticed on mine....that if I am with 3 to 5 feet is it fairly centered...but if I move further back, it shifts to the right. It is a laser and it being 100% centered is not critical. As long as part of the laser is one you target, it should be fine.

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Think about it.
The laser points where it points! How can it possibly be in the centre of the frame if you are very close to the subject, and also in the centre of the frame with a distant subject? The laser is at the side of the lens, and beams forward at an angle to the lens axis. As a result there can only be one distance at which the aim of the laser and the line of sight of the lens coincide. And only at this point the laser pattern will be in the centre of the frame.

The real problem with the laser is that it has too wide a spread to be useful in all events. If the laser pattern covers the whole of the subject then focus will be perfect. But if the pattern partly falls on the subject, and partly falls on some distant or nearer object, then it is anyone's guess what the camera actually focusses on. But when it works correctly, it is amazing.

Much is made of the 717 low light capabilities, in particular the infra red nightshot function. The trouble is that when I have tried to use it in the dead of night in my garden to photograph frogs, there is not enough infra red to see the blooming frogs!
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