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Mighty Nov 21, 2002 1:23 PM

Could somebody tell me if this new Sony DSC F77 is really as good as they say ? Even without optical zoom ?
They say Sony's new Digital Zoom Technology is better and keep image quality when using digital zoom . Please tell me ....
I can't make a choice between Canon Ixus V3 or Sony's Dsc F77 and I'm running out of time !!

Please help me !!

cajuncool Nov 26, 2002 3:04 AM

It's rather difficult to get information on the new Sony DSC-F77, apart from the specifications - but even with the specs there is some confusion concerning shutter speed: some say "1/30s - 1/1000s", others say "2s - 1/1000s". Here you can at least find a test picture: There was a short review in a German magazine, but nothing about this "new" digital zoom. I am also a bit at a loss to make up my mind about the F77, as there are no comprehensive reviews of the camera on the internet.
Does anybody have a F77 already? Could you please give us some more information?

cajuncool Nov 26, 2002 6:57 AM

Very interesting for you, Mighty:

Greekfreak Dec 26, 2003 3:54 AM

Sony DSC F77... Good or bad?
Hello, I just picked up the F77 three days ago, and while it does get a lot of compliments, I think the biggest benefit of this camera is it's size/ergonomics/price value.

The Canon SD10 and S400 are better in my opinion, but this had genuinely good results when seen from my friend's performance shots--check out his website at

All of his photos and videos were captured by this camera. With a much higher memory stick (a la 1 gig), this camera replaces most video cameras with about an hour of high-res video capability.

The zoom is negligible, but I really haven't used it much; to be honest, if you're really crazy about zoom, most digital cameras don't do nearly a good enough job no matter what the lens. But it's a neat little toy with that handy swivel feature so you can take self-portraits.

Hope this helps; I'll post more as I learn more about it!

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