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RedDragon Sep 12, 2005 6:25 PM

Is anyone familiar with attaching filters to the adapter that came with the H1 ? On the inside of the adapter, there are threads on the INSIDE of the adapter. Of course the threads on the filters are going to be on the inside as well. So my question is, do you need some sort of "coupler" to attach the filters? Also what would you use as a lens cap? because the existing cap would not fit. Thanks in advance.

kh1234567890 Sep 12, 2005 8:37 PM

The adapter male threaded end screws into the camera body lens surround (female threaded). Filters (male threaded) screw into the other end of the adaptor. This is so that when the H1 lens extends it does not hit the filter glass :-).

The lens hood then clips on over the filter. The lens cap sort of fits all but the shallowest filters - the usual ones, which have a female thread on the front so that you can stack them, should have enough thread for the lens cap to clip onto.

The downfall is that you don't get the 'Remove lens cap' warning anymore :sad:.

RedDragon Sep 13, 2005 4:20 PM

Thanks !

jonnyquest Oct 11, 2005 9:56 AM

Just found this forum. Looks like a great exchange of ideas. I have an H1 and have been usinga metal adapter that can be found on the link below. It replaces the plastic one that came with the camera. Model # SA58H.Some advantages are:

- Shorter than the the Sony adapter (filter will be closer to the lens).

- The outerhood ring self stores on the adapter tube. You merely unscrew it, flip it over and screw it back on to the end of the adapter when needed.

- Looks MUCH nicer than plastic! I have the matte finish, but is also available in polished.

I use a Hoya HMC UV filter and keep the adapter on my camera all the time. Great way to protect the expensive lens.It also has a great 'weight feel' tothe camera - but not much. There is also a one-piece model without the hood, but I use the hood in bright sunlight all the time. Check it out (no, I have no stake in this company, just ahappy customer!).

duke Oct 11, 2005 10:45 AM

I have the same permaraal adapter for my H1 also , so much better than the cheap stock plastic adapter that comes with the H1. It also includes a lens cap that fits tight... not sloppy fitting like the Sony.

olga84 Nov 12, 2005 2:52 AM

can you give me the hoya uv filter specification for my dsc-h1.

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