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I am trying to figure out how to take picures at night/day during my son's baseball game and not have some of the picture blurry for example when the bat is moving or the ball is in the shotthat part is blurry. The shot that is attached is during the day and the bat is blurry. I used the high speed shutter setting. At night I have been using twilight and the picture is clear however what is moving is blurry. Any suggestions?
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Easiest way i can think of to achieve max shutter is to boost ur iso level to th highest level. i think its iso400 on h1. keep in mind. hi iso will pick up ur shutter speed but will also increase your noise in your shot. Put the cam into Aptre Priorty and set app to smallest number possible at required zoom setting. prime the cam and the cam will dispay a proposed shutter speed. if this stil aint fast enough you will have to jjump in with flash. but at long range this usually wont have any effect.

Also try centred-average or even spot metering. as the players will be in the light you want the cam to focus metering on the brightest portion of the shot therefore maximising shutter speeds as the camera will focus on correctly exposing the brighter portions of the shot

To stop motion that fast you will want shutter speed atleast 1/30. Prob even a bit faster even.

Metering mode: Centred average or Spot (trial and error each) <make sure to meter shot in the bright area where the subject wil be so the cam can speed up shutter>Set to: AV - Apture priority
F-Stop: 2.8
Iso: 400
Shutter: cam will determine this variable. As this is the highest sensitivity of the ccd and the widest opening of the apture this will enable a senario for the cam to select the maximum shutter speed to achieve correct exposure.

but yea thts it. cant really do anything else. this is why cams like canon 20d and rebel xt are so awesome and expensive as they can run iso1600 with very clear and sharp results with very hi shutter speeds in lo light.

hope this helps


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