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Hello Everyone,

I've had a DSC-P72 for a few years now and am looking for a new camera with a 10 or 12x zoom. I've been reading about the DSC-H5 on the Internet for a couple of weeks now and went to Best Buy to look at the camera. The only question I had was about the time it takes for the flash to recharge. I took a few shots with the store camera and it took around 13-15 seconds before the flash was ready again. I was taking these pictures at the full 12x zoom. After reading the review, am I correct that it would take less time to recharge the flash if I was in close range (as I would usually be)? Of course, I am home now and can't play around with the camera, so I wondered if someone here could help me out. I like to take pictures of my little niece, and my current DSC-P72 takes around 3 seconds for the flash to be ready after a shot. I guess I'm trying to say in this long-winded email is if I am using the flash for short range pictures, am I going to have the long flash cycle time. Any help would be appreciated.


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The flash is fantastically powerful , over 50ft range !

• Range (ISO Auto): 1' to 29' 3" (0.3-9.0m) (Wide)
• Range (ISO Auto): 35.5 ' to 22 ' 4 " (0.9-6.8m) (Tele)
• Range (ISO 1000): 2' 11" to 52' (0.9 -16m) (Wide)

For longer range shots the flash needs to be at full power so yes it takes a long time to recharge.

You can turn the flash down in the menu, shot closer or turn the ISO up to shorten the recharge time.

You will never get the short recharge times of other camerasas it only uses two little AA batteries, but still its a wonderful camera.

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The H1 had a slight problem with overexposing flash shots, but the H2 and H5 have great flash exposure. Flash recharge time will depend on the battery charge and how powerful the flash has to be to get a proper exposure. It should never take 13-15 seconds, my H5 averages about 5 seconds tops.
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Rechare time will also be affected by the power of the batteries: full rechargeable batteries at 2800mAh will recharge the flash faster than 2300 or 2500 batteries.

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