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Default DSC-HX100V Slow Shot-to-Shot Time

Hey folks -

HELP! I've purchased an HX100V as a replacement for my aging Panasonic FZ series camera, and I intended to use it for taking photos of riders in our local cycling group as they stream past an interesting location. However, when I take each shot with the new(er) Sony, the display goes black, pauses, pops up the last photo taken (for review) for a second or two, then flashes again before returning to a live viewfinder. This process takes about 3 seconds. With my old FZ, there's a menu item to turn off review, and with its shot-to-shot pause of only a second or less, it's very easy to shoot everyone in a fast moving line of bikes. What confuses me is that when I read the pro reviews of the HX100V, they all list a shot-to-shot delay that's comparable to the Panasonics (about 1.5 seconds).

Is there something I've missed to minimize that shot-to-shot delay, despite spending a lot of time and thought with the camera's menu structure, its manuals and Sony's online and telephone (lack of) technical support? Or is the HX simply not suited to my application? Any thoughts or advice?


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I have no experience with the HX100v- though I'm wondering if your shooting mode of choice is effecting performance.
On my FZ-150 I can switch the image review off,provided I'm in PASM modes- but in iA I cannot,thus slowing things up a bit.
I wonder if a similar scenario exists on the Sony,maybe... where shooting in Auto as opposed to one of the manual modes is slowing things up,or even restricting certain functions.
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Default P Mode Isn't the Answer

Originally Posted by SIMON40 View Post
I wonder if... shooting in Auto as opposed to one of the manual modes is slowing things up, or even restricting certain functions.
Thanks for the reply. I was trying to shoot in P mode, but I still couldn't find a menu item or quirky switch position to turn off review on the Sony. I use and really like that option on FZ cameras. Does anyone have any experience with the HX and fast repetitious single shot photos?

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Try left of back spin wheel, continuous shooting in self timer. from the lag of up to 3 secs, it will speed up to a faster time. from an HX camera user.

Totally agree with you on that. no canceling setting for what you are asking.

When you chose the setting, sample a fast snap, and snap after. if it helps let us know.
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I don't think there's a way to turn off image review on any sony camera.
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I have a Sony HX100 and I use it for taking pictures and movies of sport car races, Sears Point near Sonoma, Ca.

Select Manual on the Mode Dial. Then using the control button, on the back of the camera, lower right, the left side icon is for Burst Settings. Select single or burst, burst will give you up to 10 pictures, the number of pictures taken is determined by how long the shutter is pressed. You will hear the shutter clicking, faster than you can blink an eye, ten pictures have been taken.

Being on manual means that everything encompassed in the auto mode is turned off, auto focus, steady shot, white balance, etc.. The LCD Screen is active, so is the View Finder. The View Finder is off when the LCD Screen is on, however, when the View Finder detects the proximity of your eye, it turns off the LCD Screen and turns of the View Finder.

The Sony HX100 has tons of adjustments and it requires a long learning curve to understand it all. I had to sit down with pad and pencil, go through the on board manual, make test after test. It was well the time and effort.

I shoot out doors, in varying weather, over a time period of 8 - 10 hours. I need to adjust my settings in a moments notice.

I have to say that the Sony HX100 is the first picture / movie camera that I have found that produces true HDMI, 1080p movies. The movies are equivalent to my HDMI, 1080p camcorder.
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