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AbeFrohman May 25, 2011 4:11 AM

DSC-HX100V User Guide available?
It's time for me to think about a new Prosumer/Super-Zoom camera, and I'd like to get the intimate details about thHX-100V. Usually when I short-list my possible choices, I download the User Guides and read up on how they operate. Sony seems to be just including a shortened, watered-down Instruction Manual with this camera and on their websites, and a full-blown User Guide comes via a CD packaged with the camera. I have a few concerns about this:

1) I'd like to review the User Guide before purchasing.
2) I'm concerned that they don't seem to be providing a printed User Guide; many times in the past, I've been out somewhere shooting and had to pull out my manual to quickly review a shooting mode I might need to use.
3) I got some indication that the user guide they do have might be in .html format, thus perhaps not organized in book form, nor printable.

Anyone know for sure, or where I can download this manual? I found another thread here that had a link for a .pdf of the User Guide, but that link is now dead.


penolta May 26, 2011 7:43 PM

You can find and download both the skimpy "manual" and the clumsy online/on disc user's guide on Sony's website. You will not be impressed. Fujifilm got a lot of flak for not including a printed for real manual with the HS10, but the online manual could be printed and was pretty useful. Sony's guide has no index and no page numbers and can only be printed one (short) page at a time. It is not particularly useful, either - it tells you what can be done, but not how - you have to figure it out for yourself!

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