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saronian Dec 7, 2004 8:10 PM

All of my past digital camera's have used Compact Flash memory, so when I ordered the Sony DSC-M1 is came with a 32MB Memory Stick Duo and saved images a bit slowly.

Thankfully I had ordered a new 512MB Memory Stick PRO Duo High Speed card in advance of the camera. It truly is twice as fast in both reading and writing. I can understand Sony shipping a smaller card with the camera but why ship one that is so much slower? Are all the PRO Duo cards as fast as the one designated High Speed?

korbs Dec 17, 2004 9:55 PM

no. the high speed version is the fastest Sony MS pro duo or pro. Writes at 10MB/sec or 80Mbps if your camera can push it. The black stick is next for speed rating at 15Mbps or 1.875 MB/sec. funny thing is that my black MS is faster than the Extreme III CF by 2 seconds to write a raw 18mb file. 1/2 second faster on a fine jpeg. Leads me to believe sony has my V3 or other d-cams optimized for Mem Stk. BTW- Ultra II CF writes as fast as the XtrmIII type I cards which tells me that V3 pushes only so fast.
Anyway not sure how relevent it is to your M1 but..

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